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I took my baby to get spayed yesterday, she is about a year and a half old and has had one litter that i know of. My question is, how is a cat suppose to look like afterwards. My kitty looks like they sucked something out of her(well they did sort of!). It looks like she is missing ribs. Is the the way her tummy is suppose to look like. Any info is appreciated for this worried mommy. Thanks
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Thanks for the info. I dont have a digital camera so i will just call my regular vet tomorrow and find out if its normal.
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I had my cat spayed around the same age as yours & yes, when she came home she did look really skinny, like they had taken a big lump out of her. She filled out in time.

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Just after getting spayed they will look very thin and thier tummy seems to be tucked up. It's a response to the discomfort. When they get spayed, the muscles get cut, and they are really tender for a few days. If you see any redness, swelling, if she has a hard time going to the bathroom, or not eating or drinking..I would contact the vet asap.
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Thanks for all the info. it makes me feel alot better. She has been eating and drinking water. She also doesn't look as uncomfortable as before. I think she is doing ok. Once again thanks
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your icon scared me :P I thought I was seeing things... I hadn't noticed that your kitty blinked!
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