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Could it be any worse?!

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Zoe isn't lucky these days. She got an eye ulcer and it wouldn't heal, she had to be separated from her sister for the first time in her life, during a whole day a the vet where she was sedated and all. On top of that, she has to wear a huge thing (the thing that I don't know what it's called in english, it keeps cats from scratching their injuries) that scares her sister (her sister escapes from her) and I have to put eye drops (one of them makes her nauseous) and antibiotics in her eyes about 12 times a day. It will be her third vet visit in a week and a half tomorrow.

This is what she looks like at the moment

Attachment 12573

Attachment 12574

Attachment 12575

Please, pray that she goes better soon

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My goodness poor baby!!!! Here are some to Zoe getting better SOON!!!!
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Aw, poor Zoe! She looks positively miserable in those pictures. (BTW, the lampshade looking thing she has to wear we usually call an e-collar, short for Elizabethan-collar for the fashion in that era.)

Lots of vibes that she's all better very soon!
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oh, poor Zoe! lots of vibes and wishes for her to get better soon!!
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arrrrrr! poor Zoe .... even all sore shes still gorgeous sending get better soon vibes
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That poor sweet baby ....... many healing vibes coming your way
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Ahhh, poor baby, hope she gets better soon!! \t\t\t
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Poor Zoe! I feel for her! The "thing" is called an Elizabethan collar or E-collar; I can only imagine how awful it must be to wear! Sure hope she heals quickly -- that cannot be any fun for her, her sister, or you!
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Aww poor baby...I hope she gets better asap!!!
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Thank you so much to all for your kind words. I told Zoe and I'm sure she somehow feels better. And for the e-collar, it's almost the same word in french: Collier Elizabeth.

I'll keep you posted on Zoe's health.

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Poor Zoe. She must be miserable.... she gets well soon!
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poor Zoe get better soon
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Poor baby. Sending Zoe lot of "get well" vibes.
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Awwwww bless her little heart I hope it heals quickly for her because she looks fed up

Mega healing for Zoe
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THANKS and thanks so much for loving Zoe so much -- she certainly deserves it!
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Poor little angel! It's called an e-collar and I think all cats hate them. Bless her little heart. I hope she feels better soon!
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Poor little girl, I hope she gets better soon! In the meantime I'm sending you some good vibes
because if I had to give my cats any kind of medicine 12 times a day, I'd be dead by now!
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