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Goodbye Mango

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I'm helping my friend TNR the feral cats in her neighborhood and things have been going well. We successfully caught, fixed and released 4 last week. Tuesday night, she caught a beautiful Torbie. She was pretty feisty. We took her to the vet Wednesday morning and picked her up in the afternoon. She ate very well Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

When my friend went home to release her yesterday afternoon she was laying on her side in the trap...with her mouth open and eyes closed.

Poor thing. We don't know what happened. I can only assume that the lady who "feeds" the cats was not feeding them very much and she was on her last leg. Never mind the stress of being trapped and going through surgery. I say "feeds" because she gives them food when she's there, but when she goes out of town, which is very often, there is no one to feed the poor babies.

I hope little Mango is happier over the rainbow bridge.

Thank you for reading her story.
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RIP Mango. You can have all the food you want at the Bridge.
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Bless her little heart.
Rest In Peace Mango.
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RIP sweet Mango.
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Rest In Peace Mango your struggle is over now, sweetie.
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How sad.

RIP Mango
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Oh the poor baby

Mango you can eat all you want over at the bridge now

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Godspeed over RB, Mango. I am sad that your stay here on earth wasn't happier, but please know that you were loved by those dedicated TNR rescuers and now you can enjoy being in a better place.
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Rest in peace Mango. May you find happiness at the bridge, that you never had in life.

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RIP Sweet Mango Eat your fill now, Sweetie.
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Awwww. Thank you so much for your support for little Mango. I completely forgot I posted about Mango here. Thanks again and yes, she'll have her fill of food over the RB.
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