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my cat is outdoor most the time but to eat and sleep it stays in the conservatory. during the day she comes into the conservatory and scratchers at the kitchen window and miaus. she has food so its not that. is it attention or somethnig else.
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Is there a reason why your cat is only inside some of the time? It would be a lot happier and healthier indoors, though you would need to neuter her. She'd probably fuss about going out for a while, but really is better off inside full time and they do get used to it. You'll be saving her from cars, dogs, other cats, poison, heatstroke, snow, just being lost, and crazy people out there. Why not make her an inside cat, and maybe train her to walk on a leash (using the double-collar harness... a neck collar alone isn't a good idea at all).
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It's probably both-attention and something else. Something out there is probably scaring her; like the other poster said, keep her in all the time.
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Play with her inside, get her some new interactive toys, a cat tree to climb and sleep up on, make being inside fun for her.
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ok thanks
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