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Grrrr! So no more surprise then.

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Ok, so it's Max's 35th birthday next Friday. He has been so sweet and good to me lately so I organised a big surprise birthday dinner for him at my girlfriend's restaurant.

I emailed everyone involved and twice - TWICE - made it very clear that this was a surprise. Everyone was going to get there at 6.30, we were going to get there at 7.00, so he did not suspect anything.

His sister, who had already got all the details from me and their Mum, and who knew that the kids were invited, rang Max on his mobile about ten minutes ago and said, `Just wanted to confirm all the arrangements for next Friday night at Santa Fe for your birthday. Can the kids come?'


She didn't even have the courtesy to be especially apologetic when I finally snaffed the phone off him and spoke to her myself. Honestly, I like Max's sister and her family very much, but they are very selfish and can be very difficult people, soooo different to everyone else in his family.

Thank goodness he has no idea his favourite sister and nephew are flying in from Melbourne to join us. So there's still some surprise left (and really, the best one, too). His Mum and I are the only ones who know about this so there's no chance of it getting out. But still...I'm so disappointed.
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Is she for real!! What a numpty ringing him like that
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Oh God, I would be so mad Sarah BUT you are doing a wonderful thing and I know you are disappointed but you have that OTHER surprise under your sleeve...that's great...Sorry about his sister ruining the surprise
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Is she for real!! What a numpty ringing him like that
What a gumboot, why didn't she call you to ask if kids were ok?

I thought numpty was just a kiwi word, guess not.
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How horrible! Christmas is coming up, get her a lump of coal or duct tape.
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Totally out of order I would be upset too, well at least you can be smug when he has his big surprise, ok ok I know we shouldn't stoop to their level, but you know just once is ok right?
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Duct tape for her big mouth for Christmas!

Sarah, I hope you all have a wonderful time on Friday. I'm sure Max will be thrilled to see his sister from Melbourne.
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It almost sounds as though she did it deliberately. What a numpty is right!
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oh no! what a brat! I would so disappointed as well, but as least you have the secret secret surprise!! It'll be a fab time all the same
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Good grief! Does her elevator go all the way to the top? I hope her kids get brains from their father because if they inherited them from her they're in deep doggie doo!
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