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How often does everyone groom there cat. i have a long haired moggie. how often should i groom it?
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I groom mine on a daily basis and their short haired cats, because it helps keep the fur balls at bay
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When I had long haired cats I combed them daily.
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Depending on the texture of the fur and how much the coat mats you would be grooming once a day or a few times a week. The silkier the coat, the less grooming but on a longhair its at least 2-3 times a week. If the coat is like a persian or mats easily - you need to comb every day.

I have shorthair cats - they get petted mainly for grooming but will run the flea comb thru the coat a few times a month - a little more often when shedding season. Ling needs it more then Charlie, as his coat is fine and rarely needs any kind of grooming.
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I groom my Persian's at least a little bit daily. Then I do a more complete grooming once a week.
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The Maine Coon and Norwegians get combed 2-3 times a week. The Persian, daily. As for bathing - the Persian gets bathed at least twice a month and the other 3 once a month unless it's show month.
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On my long-haired Sassy, I groom her daily. On the short-haired, Black and Katie, get it about once a week!!
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My 3 are all short haired....but I do try to brush them a bit everyday. They LOVE it....and not only do they not get hairballs very often, but it saves there being so much cat hair on everything they lay on in the house!
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All three of my cats have short hair, but I have to comb then everyday.
Especially Elliott, he has very thick fur and if I didn't comb him daily my house would be covered in white hair.

For me a fine toothed comb seems to work better than a brush.
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With my Persians, I brush/comb them daily. They get a bath every week to week and a half.

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thank you everyone
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