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"Silent cry"?

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Hi! I just registered but I've been visiting this site every day for several months. Here's my question: Out of 11 cats (all wonderful) several of my cats do this thing that I call the "silent cry". They open their mouths like they're meowing, but no noise comes out! The ones who do it seem to do it when they're looking for extra attention. Does anyone know what this is or what the real reason is for doing it? I think it's so cute, but I've alwas wanted to know what it means. I'd appreciate any insight from fellow cat lovers! Thanks!
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When my little boy does it I call it his Marylin Monroe
impression - she had this breathy quality to her voice.
he does manage to get a little meow out, mostly air though.
Never thought about it much but you are right it is absolutely adorable. Why??????? I don't know either, just wanted to share. Would be curious myself.
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That's a great question, and one I'd sure like to know the answer on too! A cat we had, used to do the same thing... and I've always wondered what it meant. The first few times she did it, it freaked me out, thinking something was wrong... but then when I picked her up she'd start purring or regular meowing. Odd, isn't it?
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Well with the cats who dont meow at all but instead open their mouths...they dont know how. I have 2 that do this. My understanding of the whole thing from a book I read is from not having a mother or socialization when young. Cats meow because they learn it from their mothers and also because we talk to them. They learn that it is a way to communicate with each other.
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Well - my little boy certainly knows how!!!!!!- he is very vocal - but he also does his "Marylin Monroe". So, what's his deal?
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