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Crowded House concert tonight!

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Wow, it was so cool!!!! They played at a gorgeous winery on top of a mountain, and it was completely outdoors and a gorgeous evening. Not only that but the moon was still almost full, and it light when we first got there, so we got to see the moon rising as well which just topped it off!

The band really seemed to be enjoying themselves, and why not?? They were playing in front of an ivy covered stone building in a nice, small but open venue in front of a packed house and an almost full moon and they were also getting served wine from the winery throughout the evening while they were playing

They played all the classics, and a bunch of new songs too, and the crowd really got into it. Towards the end, Neil Finn said "apparently we have a very strict curfew but we should have time for one more song", then halfway through the song the music was cut!!!! So he got everyone to be quiet then yelled out "we don't need speakers, just join in with me!!". It was At Your Feet, and everyone knew the words, so everyone just sang along, and had a big cheer. Then Neil got everyone to quieten down again and said "that was fun, how about just one more?" So he and the crowd sang one more song!! Very good fun, and a fabulous concert!

I had reasonably good seats, but I was sitting on wooden bleachers (with no back) so was pretty uncomfortable, and I was chatting to one of the ushers who was near me, and she was congratulating me on the pregnancy. I kept standing up (lucky I was at the front of my section on the end) and moving around because my back was getting sore, and so she came up to me and said "I've been there, done that - we're working on getting you a better seat"

So they got me a folding chair in the disabled section which was a little closer, and not all that much better in that the venue was small anyway, but so much more comfortable! People are so nice!
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I'm glad you had a fab night, I'm going to see The Pigeon detectives in november, relatively new band but already I'm hooked!
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I'm so glad you have a great time, and a comfy seat!
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That's great! I love Crowded House.
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