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I was hearing Chili make distressed, worried meows...

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.... so I called her over, getting a bit worried, and the tone of her meows changed rather distressingly, so I jumped out of my chair and rushed to see her.. and my little Munchkin is crying and calling to me, carrying my green cloth bookmark in her mouth. I was sure it was stuck or something, but she raced up to me and dropped it at my knees to hop in my lap.

What do you know.... my brave, ferocious little Chili hunted a bookmark for me!!
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lol its cute when they do that.

first time i had a cat that did that, i new to cats, and i hear this yeow!! that sounded like someone was killing her, i go running to see what was wrong, and here she was dragging a shoe string and crying at the top of her lungs,,,,,

hehe not nice to scare us that way is it.
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LOL! Awwww! What a sweet bookmark hunter you have!
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Imp, mine aren't nearly so bad about it. My neighbor-kitty, Megan, screams and cries. It gets me up out of my chair halfway into a sprint every time before I remember it's normal for her. She's very vocal, LOL!

Mooch, thanks. She was sooo happy to snack on my arm and cuddle with me. Now she's moved to the other chair and is proudly snoring on her bookmark. The funny thing is that I am downstairs on the other side of the house and the bookmark she hunted was on a top shelf in a basketupstairs. I wonder what else she got into up there, LOL!
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It is fun when they do things like that Tolly went through a brave hunter phase and kept bringing in worms
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Awww that's so sweet! I wonder if that prey put up much of a fight, Chili was awfully proud of her catch!

Radar is my big brave hunter, but he doesn't make much noise about it, just the occasional teeth-chattering and a very tiny mew if he can't reach a fly!

The other day something hilarious happened though. We had a huge moth come in through the window and Radar went absolutely nuts trying to get it - leaping from the bookcase to the computer monitor to the television to the windowsill. Sonic just sat and watched all the chaos.

Radar eventually slapped it to the floor, jumped down and put his paw on it. He had a quick peek under his paw but it was still fluttering so he stamped on it again. Had another look under his paw, and it fluttered a few inches... at which point Sonic (aka Greedy Guts) opens his mouth (aka The Gaping Bottomless Pit) and swallows the moth, barely moving a muscle to do so. Poor Radar. He spent the next half hour sniffing around on the floor where he last saw it, and peering under the DVD player looking for his moth. He worked so hard and there wasn't even a leg left for him.
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haha! So cute!
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That is great! my cats don't hunt anything
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Aw, what a great cat, and such a nice gift!
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Those stories had me laughing out loud! First the mighty bookmark huntress and then poor Radar who had his prey stolen!
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ROFL, Epona!! Poor Radar--I would have been crushed.

She was so cute last night.. when I picked her up to bring her to bed with me, she protested and clutched her bookmark tightly, and when I woke up I found her and Emma cuddled on it.

I think the bookmark has ceased to become mine. As is the fate of most of my bookmarks.. guess I'll have to go back to using post its..
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lol, i love hunter stories. . . My stepmom bought like two pounds of fresh wax beans over the weekend, and Little Kitty managed to scavange one off of the table and was batting it across the floor, trilling and making all kinds of happy cat noises. Finally I went in and picked ut up and she looked at me like What?! so i tossed it across the room, and she ran over to it, trilled quite loudly, and just looked at me like how DARE you!

We own nothing remember? Its all theirs!
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