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Kitten wont be quiet!

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Our new kitten Tanzie is my sisters cat. Tanzie sleeps with her in my sisters room. I sleep with Lily in my room. I have to wake up at 5:00 am for school and Heather (my sister) sleeps in. Tanzie got into the habit of meowing loudly in Heathers room whenever she hears me awake and walking around the house. She is VERY loud and I dont like hearing her do this, and I think it could be bad news if the neighbors complain (we live in an apartment) about it.

She got into the habit when Heather was gone for a few nights and so Tanzie was in her room alone and meowed in the morning. I had to let her out because I needed to feed her before I left for school. Now it's a habit whether Heather is here or not and its becoming rather annoying.

Oh, her mother (Tanzies mom is Star) does this also but my parents (Star's owners) just let her out and put her in the garage until someones ready to wake up. But first, we dont have a garage and second I wouldnt want to do that, I would rather get her so she doesnt meow. Is this possible? Does anyone have any tips or advice?
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Maybe you could slip her a dish of food into your sister's room when you get up, since she got used to you feeding her those few days. Of course,you could always wake your sister up and have her take care of her!!
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cats don't usually like being stuck behind a closed door especially when there are people to be with on the other side. CAn you just leave the doors open all the time? Why lock them in the bedrooms?
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Man, your sister must be a really good sleeper if that kitten is meowing so loud that neighbors could potentially hear her and your sister STILL won't get up!

Anyway, if there's a reason why you can't keep all the bedroom doors open, I was able to train my cat to be less meowy at the door. When you open the door when she meows and feed her, she figures that's a good way to get you to open the door and feed her. What we did was ignore her meows and when she stopped, we promptly opened the door and fed her for her. This rewards her quietness. Our cat caught on pretty quick that being quiet got her fed much faster than meowing at us.

Our cat also meowed at us when she heard us come in the building and while we were walking up the stairs to our apartment. Although, she stopped that when we got a second cat. Us coming home was not as exciting to her any more and she wasn't as desperate for us to come home.

I guess you might have to figure out if the kitten meows only for you to open the door to feed her or if it's her crying because she's lonely.

Also, is it possible for you to just let her out of your sister's room when you get up?
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I agree with that wholeheartedly! Don't reward the miaowing by feeding her, but do open the door and give her something when she's quiet. She will learn that being quiet gets rewarded and being loud gets her nowhere. It may take a little while to catch on, but cats are quite intelligent and motivated by food rewards, so she will get the hang of it as long as you're absolutely consistent.
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