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Woo Hoo I've hit 500!

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Wow, I must really have alot to say! I guess I just love "talking" to all of you! Thank you for giving me a place to visit with others and improve my social skills! I really am glad I found you guys, it gives me a place to belong to. I have learned so much from everyone here, and feel like you are all family to me! THANK YOU ALL!!!
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Woohhoooo Dragonlady!

But I'm right behind you in posts......

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CONGRATS MATE!!!! Well done fellow blabber mouth!!!


Hmmmmm I think seeing as you started before me Kass I am going to crawl into the corner of shame! Hmmmm My excuse was all the kitten pictures I posted......yes that was it!!!!
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Woohooo made it to 500!!

Boy, that was a journey and a half. Yes Bundy! You are a major spammer (as BuNN would say) and should go to the corner!!

I don't know how you did it but I'm tired from just getting to 500! I'm going to take a rest now!

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Woohoo both of you guys!
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Congrats to both of you!!! Keep talking and posting pics of those beautiful kitties you have. We'll never get tired of those pretty Persians or of little Nakita.

And just think, only 1000 more posts and you can make up your own title.
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Honestly Heidi, I don't think my fingers will work after that! I'll have to get a stick, put it in my mouth and hit each letter with it!

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Oh, come on Kassandra. I've got over 4000 posts now, and my fingers are flying faster than ever! LOL You can do it!!

You could always change Nakita's New Year's Resolution from brushing teeth to learning to type... :laughing2:
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Blah..... Blah..... Blah.....

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Welcome to the land of blabbermouth!!!!!!!!

Congrats on the big 500!!
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This calls for a celebration!!!!!!! Way to go guys!!!!
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Keep 'em coming!
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Originally posted by valenhb
I've got over 4000 posts now, and my fingers are flying faster than ever!
So how long do you think it will take you to catch up to Debby's total of 8542 posts???? (btw this is all in fun)
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Yea!!! I was noticing today that I have just over two-hundred (I took a few months off since I registered) and I just passed 100 not too long ago! lol
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me too! I was at 100 not too long ago, now it's over 200~ WOW!
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Lorie, considering I have 9 hours a day, 4 days a week, 4 or 8 hours on Friday and the weekend while Debby has to juggle working (no computer), Amber and hubby now.....well, it still may never happen but the odds are decent.

It seems like it takes FOREVER to reach that 100 mark, but from there it's real easy to rack up the posts.

Congrats to our new 200 posts members Carrie and Tamme!!!
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Oh yeah Teresa! You go girl!!
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WooHoo!!!!! WE LOVE YOU TERESA!!!!!! KEEP 'EM COMING!!!!!!!

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Wow 500. I am going to have to try to think of something interesting to say if I am going to make it to 500. It took me weeks to get past being a "lurker".
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