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He poops underneith the bed.

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So, we got Ares almost 2 weeks ago and up until a couple of days ago, everything was great. So it started the other night, when we woke up, we noticed a poop smell that would not go away. We found the pile under the bed. It had apparently happened durring the night. The second night, we checked before we went to bed, and there was no poop underneith there. When we woke up, there were 3 piles. This morning, there was one pile. And a little while ago we were folding laundry in the bedroom and he pooped while we were in there. We've already added another litter box and it's covered so he will have that same inclosed feeling that he has underneith the bed.

He does use the boxes. I see him in their all the time, so I'm not sure why he's choosing to go under the bed sometimes. So I'm considering my options.

#1. Put something under there to make it completely unappealing. I've heard cats hate citrus smells. Is that correct? Maybe get a couple of air fresheners to stick under their.

#2. Cover under the bed with newspaper, and just hope he'll stop. He's only like 10-11 weeks, so he'll outgrown fitting underneith their eventually.

#3. Fashion some sort of wooden blocker offer, so he can't get underneith the bed. It would be a little difficult, but I think it could be done.

I just don't know. We're going to put him in the bathroom tonight so we don't have to clean up multiple poop piles when we get up. Any other suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!
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I would block it off so he can not get under the bed and make sure there is a litter box near by.
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Whenever a cat goes outside the litterbox, whether pee or poop, the first thing to do is get kitty to a vet. He may have a bacterial infection, worms, or some other problem. Those must be eliminated as a cause of the problem. Kitties don't have any other way to let us know there's a problem.

The next thing you must do is completely eliminate the smell - from kitty's perspective. The only way to do that is with an enzyme cleaner. Nature's Miracle is sold at most supermarkets and pet stores, though we always use Nok-Out, which we order online (http://www.nokout.com). Traditional cleaners will NOT work. Especially if there's carpeting, the area must be completely soaked with an enzyme cleaner. You soak up the extra after 10 - 15 minutes, then let it air dry. Sometimes it takes a couple of days. Put something down to cover the area that cats don't like - we use aluminum foil.

For the most part, cats do not like citrus smell. It never really worked for our cats. However, they do seem to hate the smell of Oil of Olbas, which you can get at most health food stores. Drop of couple of drops onto a teabag, set it on a plate on the aluminum foil.

Good luck,

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