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New Human baby, get cat a friend?

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We don't have a new human baby yet. But we will sometime in the next year or so. Right now our cat Leo demands all of our attention. I know when we do have a baby, Leo will be getting less attention, it is only natural. So should I get another cat so Leo has a friend and someone else to get attention from?
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Firstly, let me say THANK YOU for being a loving, caring person and not one of the #*(@'s who abandons their cat(s) just because they're having a baby (or moving, getting engaged/married, or any of the myriad other ridiculous and horrible excuses people give for casting out someone who should be a beloved family member!) YES, by all means, I would adopt another cat! Not only will Leo have a friend, which is wonderful, but you'll be saving another life! RUN, DON'T WALK to your sanctuary, rescue group, or shelter!!!
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Wonderful idea! When my granddaughter was born, they had 2 cats in the house. The big male decided he would be the baby's guradian, but when he wanted to play, he still played with the other cat. He preferred licking little baby feet to grooming his buddy, but that lasted only a short time.
Good for you for considering this instead of getting rid of the cat. That says a lot for the kind of person you are.
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I think this is a great idea to consider as opposed to giving up Leo once you have a baby. Plus I think Leo will be happy to have a playmate for those times when you are busy and unavailable
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If you do get a companion cat, it's probably a good idea to introduce it as soon as possible, so the cat has time to get used to the change before the baby comes along... adding a new cat and a new baby at the same time would be stressful. Or else wait for a good period of time after the baby is born before getting a second cat.

Of course, trying to find a cat that will mesh well with your cat is the tricky part. If your cat is older and sedentary, then another quiet, older cat might be best. Or, if you're hoping for the kind of close bond where cats sleep together and groom each other... I think that a kitten is most likely to be accepted in this way. Adult cats seem to bond closer to kittens, and the kitten is more likely to be immediately friendly rather than aggressive and challenging.
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I think adopting a new kitty to be Leo's friend would be wonderful! My girls are littermates and that even made the early kitten stages easier. (no crying at night, etc)

Also when introducing my cats at my parents, it was easier when we brought kittens into the house than adult cats, but either worked. What age you decide on will depend on the age/personality of your cat now. I personally would like to add adult cats to my home, just because I know they get overlooked so often.

Good luck!!! And please keep us updated, we'd love to hear how it goes!
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Anouther cat could help but they could end up fighting so it might end in a disaster or it could turn out really good.

They probably wont fight but theres a chance

good luck!
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I'd go and adopt one now instead of waiting. I'm assuming that Leo is neutered - males will accept a new friend quicker then a female would. Personally, I'd adopt another neutered male maybe 5-7 months old that would be on the same energy level as Leo. They can bond together and when the baby arrives, they will both be used to things.

I too am glad you are thinking ahead and not saying "oh I have a baby, we have to get rid of the cat now"!
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Now I am torn. There was a serial killer in our town (he was just caught a few days ago) His style was home invasion/beating women to death. Since I am a stay-at-home wife I am starting to lean towards a dog, a nice protective dog. Would a cat friendly dog be a good friend or does it have to be a cat?
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As long as the dog is cat friendly it might be a better choice for your family. Please do NOT consider Jack Russel Terriers with cats. JRT's are notorious for killing cats even if raised together - you would have to crate the JRT when not at home to supervise around the cat.

If you adopt a dog, an adult dog that is trained will be a lot better cause it takes a lot of training from a puppy and with a new baby, you may not have the time.
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I will never get a terrior because I also have pocket pets. Those two don't mix at all!
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I would definitely adopt another cat -- far more cats lose their lives in our "shelters" than dogs, your cat would prefer another cat to a dog, and a dog isn't any more protection than you now enjoy, if you keep your doors locked, be aware of your surroundings, and exercise common sense. I know it would be unsettling having a serial killer in your location -- I hail from L.A., home of the Hillside Stranglers, Richard Ramirez, AND the Manson family! -- but the chances of it impacting you are less than those of being hit by lightning. I wouldn't worry. I WOULD be glad they caught the suspect.

And then, I WOULD save another cat.
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