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Ohio to toughen animal abuse laws!

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Ohio has the weakest cruelty laws in the nation but not any more! Senate Bill 221 will take effect in 90 days. Ohio has not updated it's cruelty laws in over 150 years!

Under the bill:
Cruelty would be more sharply defined for animals kept in the home including cats and dogs. People will be barred from "knowingly torturing,tormenting,needlessly mutilating or maiming, beating, poisoning,needlessly killing, or commiting an act of cruelty against a companion animal. Those who keep animals would be required to provide sufficient quantities of wholesome food and potable water, adequate ventilation and circulation of "wholesome air" and adequate shelter. They also require excercise for the animal and enough space to stand up, stretch, turn around and lie down comfortably.Animal creulty would become a first degree misdemeaner, punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1000. fine. A second offense would become a fifth degree felony punishable by up to a year in prison and a $2,500. fine. Abandonment would become a second degree misdemeanor punishable by up to 90 days in jail and a $750. fine. A second offense would be a first degree misdemeanor.Judges could order psychological testing or counseling for animal abusers. Agencies that seize abused animals could seek money from abusers to cover care and rehabilitation. Humane agents will be required to undergo 20 hrs of legal and investigative training. Humane agents would be required to report child abuse, given that,according to experts, animals are often abused in homes that expirience domestic violence.
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Glad to see that things are looking up for animals there!
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That's good news. Yea, Ohio!
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Hooray Ohio! Good news for animals all over the state!
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Now, if we can only get Kentucky to do the same!
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And New York State!
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.....second offence? Nobody should get a chance to commit a first offence, never mind a second offence! Glad something is being done to protect our animals who can't speak out for themselves. I wish we had tougher laws here...
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Krissi I totally agree. Really, I wish that the laws were even more tougher than these. At least they are doing something!

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I'm in touch with someone who's been having problems regarding animal abuse in Ohio. However, it relates to ferals, not pets. Hate to ask - but how does one go about finding out what this law means in terms of feral cats? If ferals that someone is unofficially caring for are being poisoned (and suspect neighbors are doing it) is there any recourse of action that can be taken once the law goes into effect?
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Laurie, I found a source for information. This is from a feral cat conference in S. Jersey. There is a name, address, and email address, and the name of the woman to contact. This is the best I've done so far. This woman, of all people, should be able to answer your question. Another source, of course, is Alley Cat Allies.

Here is the New Jersey conference info.:
Contact Renee at PO Box 329, Hightstown, NJ 08520, 609-443-0016, fax 609-371-6237, email alterinc@worldnet.att.net.

Here is the address for Alley Cat Allies:


I do hope that you are not having this problem. According to my understanding, if you are feeding the animal, you are the owner-in many jurisdictions. Then the law would be the same as that referring to any pet. However, I don't know New Jersey law. These people would. Please keep us informed. I pray that the colony you are dedicated to is safe.
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Our colony, knock wood, is just fine. It is VERY cold here, (it was supposedly a negative 18 degrees here Friday night), but it has warmed up to relatively warm 29 degrees now and is very sunny. We just saw Tuxedo outside playing with a little stuffed mouse that fell out our front door. He was soooooo cute!!!!!!

No - this relates to someone I'm in touch with because of the Save Samoa site. They are located in OH - and I remembered this thread. They went to the police, but were told it's not a crime so there's nothing to be done. Unfortunately, the new law doesn't go into effect for some time, so it can't help now - but I couldn't tell from the wording of the law if it will apply to feral cats.

So..... I shouldn't contact the woman in NJ, right? Because this is re: OH.


And Jeanie - thank you SOOOO much for the contact info!!!!!

And BTW - I've been over at Alley Cat Allies a number of times, and I see that how to contact them has changed. But I never knew how to contact them to begin with, and I can't find how to contact them via e-mail on the site - old or new! Am I just stupid?
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I'm sorry, Laurie. I jumped the gun and went searching as soon as I saw your name. Here is the contact information for Alley Cat Allies:
http://www.alleycat.org/au_ci.html This gives an address and an email address also. I'll go do some more digging....
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Thanks Jeanie!
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You actually need the county as well as the state name to find this information out. I wish there was a website set up that was a clearinghouse listing all the states and links to these laws, but that would be a massive undertaking!
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