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My Boys

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Here is a couple of pictures of the boys together. As you can tell from these Linus has decided Sassy makes the best fur pillow the world has to offer.

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That last picture is so sweet! Sassy does look like he'd make a good cat pillow--so much fur. I'd love to cuddle with a cute kitty like him.
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Awwww how sweet!
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aw, they're best friends!
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Awwwww what sweet pics of your gorgeous boys... thats a lot of love
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Awww, how sweet is that!

Love the pics.
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oh my goodness.... HOW CUTE!
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too cute i love the first one, such snuggly kitties
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Aw, they look so sweet. And I love your Siggy!
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Look at the bunches of kitty snuggles!! Too precious!
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