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guidelines on posting picts?

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I have another question about these forums.
I see there is a board for picts to have captions, but what about just posting picts in general?
I noticed I don't see many people posting several picts of their cats at once.

I like to include picts in my posts, but don't want to aggrevate ppl by doing so.

also, is there a way to control the size of the picts? I know how to do it with html, but not with the VB tags.

My last two picts were full size because I didn't know how to make them smaller.


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Usually we post pictures here in the general fourm.
Here are some examples of recent threads with pictures.

Meet Snowflake

Hissy needs our feedback

Please let me know which picture for Nancy Drew & Hissy!

Controlling the size of the pic can easly be done in a basic editing program i.e. Paint and then saved as jpg.

Or you can always send me your pic and I'll be happy to downsize it and email it back to you.

Good luck!
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There's a few people who also love posting lots of pics of their cats, and we love to see them. Most of us don't because we don't have websites for our cats or have them on album sites that don't allow remote viewing. I'm not sure how to resize with vb code, but I think it just links to whatever size you have them on your website and shows up as that size. Not much help on that one, sorry.
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One more thing, for the Caption This forum, if you want to submit any cute or funny pics you have of your kitties just email them to anne@thecatsite.com and they will come up eventually. They are eventually turned into Postcards which you (and anyone else) can send via email. Check out our past Caption This winners Here and look at the 4 pages of Just For Laughs.
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I love seeing everyone's cats and kittens!
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I just had to copy and paste the code from the help area here...then I just filled it in with the appropriate link to the picture or just browse my PC for the picture and upload. Now, sometimes I have to resize the picture with a photo editor before I can upload it using the browse feature. If you need resizing done and don't have anything to do it with, I can do it for you, if you would like.
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there can be bendy kitty postcards!

I have so many cute and silly picts I'll have a hard time choosing which to send!

I was hoping there was an easier way to size picts, with html I just put height = 250 after the image url and that is a nice size - doesn't take long to load - but I don't actually have to resize the file.

If no one objected to the size of the picts I posted, I won't worry about it.

thanks for all the info.

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If you need help or assistance with posting pics or anything else with this board, here is a link with a lot of helpful info. We have a thread going referencing some of these same questions so here is the link.

Computer Questions Answered
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