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Georgi and Tigger !!!

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Finally some pictures of my two little angels.
He is STILL trying to suckle on Georgi though I think its just comfort because he has stop searching and just sucks for at least 30 mins - Georgi my good girl just lies there she is so good. Anyway here are some pics,

Tigger and Georgi getting into mischief - Tiggy attempting to dig through the fence,Georgi on the lookout

Too Tired

Pretty Girl

My little guy
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Great Pictures, those are two cute fur babies you have there.
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They are both very cute!
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those are some gorgeous babies you have there! 2 of my weaknesses, a blackie and a brown tabby
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Your babies are gorgeous!
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Beautiful babies ........... Georgi is a gorgeous girl!
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They are adorable
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very cute babies you have there
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Just gorgeous, I LOVE the last pic
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O my, they both are just soo GORGEOUS, those are such great pictures What cutie pies
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