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Are they boys or girls?

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I can't take very good pics, but here's what I got:

So, are they boys or girls? I'm thinking they're girls, am I correct?
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The white is a girl, I think the black is a boy.
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1st- boy
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Really, you think? I thought they both looked the same to me, maybe it was the angle of the pic I took.

Oh yeah, also, ya'll can see how the tip of the white kitten's tail is dead. That's what's going to have to be amputated as soon as she is old enough.
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At first I thought they were both girls but the more I look I think the black one is a little boy.
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The first photo is a boy and the second is a girl.
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i agree, the black looks to be a boy , and the white a female.
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Originally Posted by XxtashaxX View Post
i agree, the black looks to be a boy , and the white a female.
Yup, no doubt. You have a matching pair!

See how the black one's area is raised and more comprised of 2 parts? It's a boy! The white one is kind of an's a girl!
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Uh-oh. I guess this means I will have to keep them til they are 2 lbs(seeing how tiny they are now, that means that I'll probably have them til they are at least 9-10 weeks old). That way, I can get them fixed before they are adopted out.

This is a dilemna though because I've read that it's best to adopt out hand-raised kittens as young as possible to ensure that they can develop a strong bond with their new owners. Right? Do you think this is going to be bad?

What do you think is better, me keeping them longer and getting them fixed or just VERY careully screening the potential owner and follwing up with his/her vet to ensure they are fixed?
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I think that would be your call depending on the people you have interested in them. Ask for vet references and get their reaction when you mention the need to for them to be spayed and neutered as soon as they are old enough. You can make up an adoption application. Also if it is someone you know adopting them, that will help too.

One other thing I heard someone do once, ask an adoption fee of a certain amount and then stress the importance of spaying and neutering and offer to give half the adoption fee back when the cat is fixed.
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Oh yeah! I totally forgot about making an adoption form. Does anyone have a sample of one that I could use? Maybe one that you have on your computer?

Also, great idea about giving half the money back when they get spayed! I know a couple shelters around here do that when the kittens are super young.
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Ok, I think I have thought up the perfect names! The white kitten will be called Yin and the black kitten will be called Yang.

I think it's perfect because Yin is white with a black spot and Yang is black with a white spot(admittedly, the white spot is extremely small), lol.

What do you guys think? Yes or no?

Oh yeah, also, I think they're nice names because they are unisex.
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i can't see good,but they say that a : means boy and a ; means girl thats how i remmeber it.
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