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aren't kids funny!

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My daughter turned 20 last week, she has gone on holiday with her friend and family to Turkey for a weeks holiday. I was a bit nervous as it was her first flight and first time abroad.

Since she's been there she hasn't stopped texting me! She texted me saying she'd landed (pure relief!) then texted saying it was 82F at 2am in the morning their time, then texted saying she went up about 5 stairs and it wore her out
Then she texted saying i'll send a picture to your phone and was going to bed, then next day she wanted to change rooms cos she had no balcony, then she was going to text later as she was going by the pool, then she texted later and said she'd been by the pool on the beach and in the sea for hours, then she'd got a little burnt and yes she did have cream on....

still reading? good because there's more! Then I was told there was a stray cat drinking from the pool and she is going to buy it food, she then asked how our cats were, later she texted for the footy scores and what was happening in big brother, I was also texted to say goodnight, today she was going into town, I have found out what she bought, and that she went to another beach, that she is getting a lovely colour and looks like an oopma loompa, that she bought me a present, that she had a postcard for me and dad but don't know where the post box is, and she might just bring it home and give it to us, and what was aunty pats postcode again? with a LOL....she then rang me and told me the flight was boring, she did change rooms and she is going out tonight! and will text to tell me what it was like and to say goodnight, and to kiss the cats and make sure the door to her room is open so the cats can go sit on her bed if they want

Her flight was 20:30 Monday evening, she arrived 2am Turkey time tuesday morning, it is now Wednesday and in all honesty we have had more conversation in that time than in the past month! tell you what I'm exhausted with all this texting! I guess she is making sure mum is ok and letting me know she is too, but makes me chuckle.
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Your thumb is going to be sore by the time she gets back!
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Lol! I call my Mom a lot while we are on vacation too. (She just started texting recently and DH has been grumbling about the bill! )
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