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Updated kitten pics!

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Ok, the pics aren't the best, sorry, but it's all I can get out of my camera, lol.

anyways, the kittens' eyes are almost completely open now thanks to the good advice I received to wipe the eyes with a damp towel.


Also, can anyone help me think of some good names for them? I think they're both girls.
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they are beautiful, your doing such a great job with them.

how about call the first one "hope"
and the second one "angel"

as they are special babys 1 them being prem,
and 2 being orphand.
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Those are cute ideas for names. "Angel" for a black cat seems kinda funny, heehee. Although...she DOES have a teeny. tiny white patch on her chest.
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I can't believe how tiny they still are!!

I like those names tasha, perfect for their situation

Little cuties
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Yeah, me neither! They will be 2 weeks old tomorrow, but they don't look it at all! lol.

Another name to throw in is Storm/Stormy for the white kitten. I think it's cute because it looks like she always has a storm "overhead" lol.
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ok we have to think of another for the black one now as she seems to be a him lol.
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i would name the white one vanilla and the black one chocolate!

They are so so precious!
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They are adorable.
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They are sooo cute! I've run out of name after all the fosters I've had. Sometimes I go with themes, names starting with the same letter, traits/personality, ect. ect.

Currently my momma and her babies are all named after cities in Georgia. (Georgia is my dog's name). I've done all letter L names. I've done all candy names. I've done Pirates baseball player's last names.

Because they're black and white, there are so many possiblities! Ebony and Ivory (LOL). Shadow and Angel. Leopard and Bengal.

Plus boy/girl...Adam/Eve, Ross/Rachel, Chandler/Monica, Bill/Hillary...

Now I'm just getting silly!
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Cute ideas! I like Shadow and Angel.

I think I want to wait and make sure they are the sexes we think they are. The pics I posted makes it look like the black kitten is a boy, but when I hold them together and compare "bits" they both look the same.
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when anne had her litter back in march, she had a black girl and a brown tabby boy or so i thought, they looked complety different , when he was about 14 weeks or so i relised he was a she lol so she went from stripes to Sophie i felt so bad i have always been good at telling sexs, but she really did seem to have *boy parts* lol
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Are you taking them in for a check up anytime soon? The vet or tech will be able to tell you for sure.
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Absolutely adorable!
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About a week ago, Yin was "modeling" for me and I snapped a couple pics. Well, I forgot about them til I just looked at my memory card. Turns out that I got a couple really nice pics! Here's my favorite(thought ya'll might enjoy it):

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So sweet. Reminds me of my litte girl!
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