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Missing My Angel Magic

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Hi all.

I lost my beloved 11 year old girl (Magic) on 11/26/02 to renal failure. I miss her so much and can't stop thinking about her. I do have an older cat which is twelve and I also adopted a 6 month old kitten recently. The 2 that I have now certainly help with my pain, but I still miss her dearly. One thing that I find is strange, is that the kitten has so many of the exact same personality traits that my Magic had. Anyone else ever experience this?


I just needed a shoulder.
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First, let me tell you how sorry I am that you have lost Magic. I know how special our pets become in only days, and Magic was your friend and baby for 11 years. The pain is terrible, I know. I lost my Blacky to renal failure at the age of 16. The vet can do only "so much," but there's a limit. I believe that our loving God will reunite you some day. He knows every sparrow that falls, so we know Angel was very dear to Him. I hope He gives you great comfort and peace of mind. The pain will seem easier to bear after some time passes.

Many members believe that our pets are reincarnated, and come back as another cat. I wouldn't be surprised if God did that for us, but I haven't noticed the exact same personality in new puppies and kittens as the pets I've lost. Perhaps some of our other members have had different experiences. I have had more experience with suddenly feeling as if my pet's spirit is with me, rather than her body.
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My Sweet Baffy went to the Bridge when she was 8 from CRF. I hate that disease. She sent me Josie who is very different from her. I truly understand how you feel.
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i dont know about reincarnation, but i certainly hope its true. I am so sorry for your loss
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