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Wait - I'm confused! How would I be my own grandma? (Re: Anne Morrow Lindbergh).
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Laurie and anyone else- Have you noticed that Donald Sutherland whispers his dialogue in movies now? It doesn't seem like an impediment, but I could be wrong. It seems to be for effect. I don't care for it. If he has a throat problem, forgive me for saying anything. Does he normally speak that way, Laurie?
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No - but then I haven't seen any of his recent movies, so I'm not sure what you mean. But since Gary's back problems started again, we've been using dry cleaners out here as we rarely travel into the city. Well - once every week or couple of weeks. So we haven't seen him since... May? June? Earlier this year, anyway. But he spoke in a normal voice. It was kind of gravelly - like he's getting older and had a cold (or was a long time smoker - which I don't know if he was or not). But if you mean an actual whisper, then no. He was speaking in a regular volume of voice.
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Maybe it is a physical problem. Clint Eastwood talks that way too. About "I'm My Own Grandma!"..That's a very old silly song (I'm My Own Grandpa) about people trying to figure out what relation they are to their distant relatives, just a joke!

Sorry for the digression!
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ok... I made a mistake. I'm NOT related to Alexander Fleming at all. But I AM related (on my mother's side) to Edward Jenner, who invented the vaccine for smallpox.
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thh20 - don't worry, we won't flog you here! ...at least - I don't think we will. Will we?

...and Jeanie - woosh! That went right over my head before! Now I get it! At first, I thought I'd written something wrong and went back to read my post, and couldn't figure out where I'd gone wrong....

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if you live in NYC long enough, and look at the people around you (I dont always do that) you spot quite a few well-known people.
Not counting celebrities being paid to be where they are, I've been in the same room with, passed on the street, rode in an elevator etc with
(among others, in no particular order):

Richard Nixon (well passed his presidency)
Jerry Orbach (Law & Order)
Yul Brenner (not long before he died)
Dustin Hoffman
Billy Joel
John Houseman (also not long before he died)
Rudi Giuliani
Woody Allen
William Randolph Hearst II or III (Patty's father)
Jesse Jackson
Jack Nicholson (at the Metropolitan Opera of all odd places - he
was sitting in the same section as I was, sunglasses & all)
Connie Chung
Peter Jennings
Most of CBS's 60 Minutes anchors because I worked in a building
where they had offices (they are all rather long in the tooth. Makeup does wonders.)
James Carville
Michael Moriarty

The 'six degrees of separation' theory is that if a person goes out 5 connections (friend of a friend of a friend etc) they will find a contact with virtually everyone!
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I was the New Year's baby for my town, but it was a very small town - I was born on January 17!

My cousin's wife's cousin was engaged to Amy Carter (former US pres. Jimmy's daughter), but they never got married (I met her at my cousin's wedding 14 years ago...)

These next two possibly only Canadians (or northern Americans) will appreciate:

I once sat next to Al Waxman (TV's "King of Kensington") on a plane, and I met the Hanson brothers at a hockey game.

I've had my picture in the paper numerous times - once for an article promoting my personal chef business, once while protesting in university, and once totally by accident, when I was waiting for a bus across the street from a protest gathering. I've also been on the local breakfast TV show doing a food demo.

I have friends who've met Phil Collins, Def Leppard and other rock acts because they worked in the local cymbal factory where these guys would come and get custom orders, plus my brother was friends with the owner's son. Never met any of them myself, but the buzz at school the next day was always exciting... I'm really tugging threads now... I think I'm done...
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