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What's Your Claim to Fame?

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This is not about your personal achievements, but just a brush with fame. My claim to fame is that Macadam, the inventor of the black top road is my great, great, great (I don't know how many) uncle. My mother was from Scotland, and Macadam is one of the family names.

When I was a teenager working in Atlantic City, I was filling in the address to send salt water taffy to a customer's home. We were so busy I had only glanced at the man until he spelled the name: Bennett Cerf. I had always enjoyed his column in the paper and seeing him on t.v. He was the publisher at Random House. Vic Damone, the singer, also came in for candy, but I didn't wait on him.
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I had a part, as an extra, in truly awful TV movie: "Four Eyes and Six Guns". Also, I've appeared in a number of documentaries and TV commercials about Tombstone.
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I have had a part in a made for tv movie 'The sound and the Silence' about Alexander Graham Bell. My granny always shows everyone the movie every chance she gets and its so embarrassing. I was only 15.
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I went to school (elementary through high school) with Edward Norton (He was a year ahead of me). I have a hard time watching his movies-I remember him as a geeky fifth grader!
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Edward Norton? I loved him as the catholic priest in Keeping the Faith!
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Chris Carter (creater of the X-Files) went to my highschool.

I am is the Lion King parade video from Disneyland.

I am is the Electrical parade video from Disneyland.
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Hmm...aside from the people I have met being in the radio biz?

Let me think....

My 6th cousin (I think it is the 6th) twice removed is Amelia Earhart. Also U. S. Grant from the the Civil War is like one of my distant cousins. Does that count?
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Oh, I just remembered. My aunt and uncle were good friends with Rex Harrison and his wife, Lili Palmer, and often had them over for tea. He was Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn, and also played Dr. Dolittle in the older version of the movie. (This was before they came to America.)
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I was in a Sears commercial once. I was part of the croud that rushes up to look at the appliances. I had my photo in the paper a few times as a kid. Mostly to do with the summer activities at the community center. I met Red Skelton in Hawaii at a meditiation garden.
I think that is all.
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Mike Myers has reportedly bought a cottage property just on the same road as mine. He is there every summer because he has a good friend who has summer parties there and he liked it so much he bought the property. I have to go do surveillance there this summer. Maybe I can take Nakita and let her lose on his property and then all innocently walk by and say Have you seen my cat?

When I lived in downtown Toronto, I was in the centre of 'Hollywood North'. The University of Toronto is usually the backdrop to many hollywood films because it is cheaper to film here and in Vancouver. I saw many movies 'in production' including Cocktail, Good Will Hunting, and a couple of 'failed' FOX productions for TV.

Also when the 'stars' come to town many of them would go to the restaurants that were right beside my condo. Toronto is loaded with hollywood stars during the Toronto Film Festival and the summer months. To many people to name, but I've seen Ricky Martin, John Ritter, Arnold Schwarzenneger, Danny Devito, Michael Keaton, Sly Stallone, Goldie Hawn etc. Of course, when Mel Gibson and Bon Jovi were in a restaurant across the street from me I never saw them (I guess they used the back entrance)!!!

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I have stood next to Martin Csokas who plays Yorgi in XXX (with Vin Diesel) - Martin is a New Zealander. He is also in LOTR.
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Well, talking about ""famous"" people, I have recently met Lisa Welchel (Blair) from "Facts of Life" and have a personalized one-liner from her for my show. Also: Gwen Stefani, "Fingers" Taylor from Jimmy Buffet, Bobcat Goldthwait, and have exchanged personal emails and snail mail with Kevin Hagen (Dr. Baker) from Little House on the Prairie.
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Well... NOT counting the people I have met as a photojournalist...
Jay Leno, and Morgan Freedman (sp?) were both at Quincy Market in Boston when I ran into them at the food court, rather food hallway.

I used to live about 7 mintes from Steven King and I'd see him joggign down my road (and various others) during the summer sometimes.

I've been on local tv & newspaper quiet a few times for various reasons in Maine, and on fox tv (in Virginia) once back in like 1999. And in a newspaper in VA.

I'm also related to King Bruce (Dutch).

I've mingled with many bands when I was younger, 98 Special, Jimmy's Chicken shack... the list goes on and on.

I'm sure there's more things/people, but this is what's off the top of my head.
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Photojournalist - Angelz00, I wouldnt mind being one, is any of your work published? I would love to see it!
I have great respect for those who go out to dangerous places and take photos. But my major interest is different cultures as I was an anthropology major and I am fascinated with culture. Thats probably why I love National Geographic so much!
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Kiwi: Some of it is still up on the net, newspapers, magazines..etc, but not all.

MIND YOU when you see these photos, my boss had me make them into horrible quality to save on server space, so the orginial ones are spactacular.


That's where you can find a good majority of the recent stuff. It's all stuff dealing with bands, and a few porn stars (can I say that) and movies stars.

I was a journalist... not a reporter, there is a difference. The only thing dangerous about my job was knowing how to handle your words and not getting trampled in the middle of a mosh pit while trying to take photos.

I'm not a journalist anymore, have no desire to be one, I got sick of the music biz and left before it turned me into a biggot (like everyone else.) I'm still into photography, I love it! I did a lot of things in the music related field, but the photography was the major part.

I'd love to get into photographing REAL wild life, like going to south america after the Jaguars, along with additional studies of them.
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My big claim to fame is that I was in the 3rd row when Nine Inch Nails filmed the video for "Hurt". You can see my hands if you know where to look.

When I was little the Broncos did their training camp at the university in our town, so we got to meet a lot of the players. They were much less worried about security and such back then. The biggest one I ever met (and probably the only one anyone would know) was Lyle Alzedo. He was really big (of course I was really small!) and a really nice guy. He signed stuff for my sister and I, but of course we were the only two little blonde girls there.

I've met quite a few rock bands too. I've met Skid Row, Anthrax, LA Guns, Slaughter and Firehouse.
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My grandfather invented "running" xmas lights and the electric coffee pot, worked on one of the first computer systems (MANIAC, came shortly after ENIAC) and founded/or was head of Colorado State University's computer program. I never met him, he left my grandmother when my mother was only 7, and he died a couple years before I was born. I get my technological skills from him, but not his creativity. Oh, how I wish I could have met him!
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I don't think I really have any claims to fame. The only thing I can think of is that I am related to Davy Crockett. My great-grandmother's great grandfather or great great grandfather was Davy Crockett.

Oh yeah, and another thing. This doesn't have to do with me though. Hubby's stepmom works in the White House as an aid to Laura Bush. So she's met the Pres on more than one occasion. 2 years ago, hubby's dad and stepmom even went to the Christmas dinner at the White House.(they sent us pictures of them with the Bushes) I wish I could meet the President!
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One of my great aunts, who did extensive family research, says we are related to Queen Elizabeth, John F. Kennedy, and William Bradford (of the Plymouth Colony).

I saw Vinny Testaverde of the NY Jets dining at Carrabba's last year.

I think that's about it...
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Mine is that I was the first female mechanic (that they recall) ever to be featured in an article in a 4x4 magazine. That was back in '99.

I was on the kids television show "Romper Room" when I was a child.

My picture was on the front page of the paper when I was a couple of days old. I'm really not sure why... just a cute picture, I guess.
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Well, let's see. I'm related to James Naismith, the Canadian (yay! ) who invented basketball and I think (I'll have to double check... I think it's Alexander Fleming) I'm related to one of the people who discovered the uses of penicillin.

As a child, I was in the TV audience for the launch of a dismal kid's show called "declic". I think that was the one and only episode they made!!

And I have shaken hands and spoken with Canadian hunk actor Paul Gross. (think Due South? the TV series that featured a Mountie living in Chicago)
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Everyone here seems to have such interesting back grounds! I recently found out that I am very distantly related to John Kinzie (he founded Chicago). The ironic thing about it is my first visit to Chicago (my boyfriend lives there!) we ate at Harry Cary's Bar & Grill and it's on Kinzie street! I didn't even notice what street it was on until I got my pictures back from my trip and in a picture I was standing in front of the Bar & right above was the street sign! Strange, huh?
My family has also told me that I am very very distantly related to the country singer Travis Tritt.
OH..This one doesn't really apply to myself, but it does my little community. The movie "To Wong Fu, from Julie Newmar" was filmed in Nebraska (if you look closely at the cars you can see the license plates) and while Patrick Swazey was filming that movie he came down to Fairbury (my town) to go fishing. I would have paid big bucks to see him! Yummy!!
Um...I think that's all of my "claims to fame" stuff. If not, I'm sure I'll add it on here!
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My family is suppossedly related to Daniel Boone on one side and Sir Walter Raleigh on the other.
I think I've only had a couple of encounters with famous people...I saw Melissa Sue Anderson from Little House on the Prarie several years ago when I was in Hawaii. When I was a child I was on a local t.v. show called T-Bar-B and I also went to the Oprah Show a few years ago.

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I'm not related to anyone famous!

I used to play with Patsy Kensit when I was a kid, as her mum and mine were friends - she is an "actress" who was in Leathel Weapon 2 and was married to Liam Gallagher, from Oasis, and also married to Jim Kerr from Simple Minds.

I used to go to college with Rufus Sewell (I went out with his best friend) - an actor, the dark haired lead role in "First Knight".

I bumped into the male cast of Emmerdale, a terrible British soap, in a pub before Xmas. All I can say is that Zac Dingle is very attractive in real life!

I used to pretend as a kid that I was related to Alexander Fleming and Ian Fleming, who wrote the James Bond books - as my surname is Fleming. Sad, eh?
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Used to work at a recording studio. Met many wonderful people such as Donny Osmond, Anne Murray, Martin Short, Graham Greene and a bunch of other people. Met some not so nice people - Bill Shatner. At the studio one day I was asked to be the scream in an episode of "Forever Knight" - vampire TV show. My different screams were used on 4 episodes. I also clapped on someone's album, but I can't remember the artist - not famous!
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I'm not related to anyone famous!
Don't worry flimflam, I'm not related to anyone famous, either. One of my ancestors, however, was in an insane asylum. Mom traced part of Dad's family back to Vermont in the 1800's. During one census, the father of the family was listed as an "inmate". We always assumed he had been in jail (for embezzlement, he was a bank clerk). Recently, I found out from a long-lost cousin that there is no jail in that city, but an insane asylum.
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Besides my wife and 3 children (they ARE indeed, my biggest claim to fame).....

I've met Marlo Thomas, had lunch with George Takei (Sulu from the original ST), had a nice conversation with Jerry Van Dyke in an airport, Used to work for the guy who invented model rocketry (lee Peister) with Vern Estes, as well as the man who invented AM/FM multiplex, had a nice conversation for while with the man who invented the internet..... Other than that, I live vicariously through AirPrincess.
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This is so cool! And Christy - too funny!

Let's see....

My grandfather's cousin (my great-aunt?) was Anne Morrow, Lindbergh's wife.

Gary met President Bush and Governor Pitaki in February and ate lunch with Laura Bush and Libby Pitaki.

Gary was Jerry Falwell's bodyguard on one of his many trips to Israel.

Charlton Heston and Anne Margaret both graduated from my high school.

I went to school from kindergarden through high school with Adam Baldwin (My Bodyguard and lots of bit parts, most noteably in Independence Day).

Gary went to school with the son of the Oil Minister of Saudi Arabia.

We've met lots of famous people in the world of finance. We met Warren Buffet and lots of other people that impress us, but most people have probably never heard of!

Our former boss was married to Terry O'Malley - half owner (sister of Peter O'Malley) of the Dodgers before they were sold to Murdoch (we worked for him prior to and during the sale of the Dodgers and spent a day with him reminiscing at Vero Beach - Dodger's training camp).

We're friends with a member of the Board of Ferrari and Piaget! (one person) If we ever get the money, we've been invited to his home in Switzerland, where he'll let us use his Ferrarri that ran in Le Mans!
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Boy, Laurie, you and Ken brought out the big guns! Hey, about Anne Morrow Lindbergh? I think you're your own grandma!
I'm sure no one will know these opera singers, but I have sung with Beverly Sills, Anna Moffo, Jerome Hinds, Dorothy Kirsten, Mildred Miller--most of the Met stars from the 80's except Joan Sutherland and Pavarotti. We couldn't afford them. I believe Renatta Tibaldi came too, but I'm not sure. Some of the leads were stars in Europe first, came to the US, and toured the country before going to the Met. One of our guest conductors was Anton Coppola, the father of the director, Francis Ford Coppola. He was only about 5'3" tall, and a very nice man to work with. I had a wonderful time for those years. If I ever get to a scanner, I'll post some pictures of me in costume. Our makeup was reminiscent of Anna Nicole's--seriously! Can you imagine me in Anna Nicole's makeup? I was gorgeous, just like Anna! (About as gorgeous as a streetwalker!)
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Jeanie, that's so cool! Of COURSE we've heard of those opera singers, and Gary's familiar with Anton Coppola.

I forgot to mention that when Gary was 10 he sang in La Boheme (on Chicago's equivalent of Broadway - he was the Page).

We used to know AC/DC and Pearl Jam.

A couple more things I forgot.

We ate dinner at a table next to Dianna Ross and Barry Gordy! We got into a great conversation, and bought them a bottle of wine. Of course Gary made Barry feel old, but we all had a good laugh about it.

And Donald Sutherland used the same Dry Cleaners we did (it was easier to bring our dry cleaning into the city near work and get it done there rather than out here). We ran into him all the time, and Gary (who can become friends with people by striking up a conversation on an elevator) and he always exchanged chit-chat. No one had ever told him that Kelley's Heroes was their favorite of his movies before!

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