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Normal Blood Panel But Attitude Changes

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to get some advice on my kitty Czyna (China). I will preface this posting by saying I have lost 3 kitties in the last year so it is possible that I am being overprotective of her but also, with two of the three kitties that passed, I noticed a change in their behavior that was a precursor to their illness. Anyhow, last month I got Czyna's bloodwork done and everything came back normal. I have noticed though she has changed where she choses to sleep, she has started to vomit (which isn't unusual for her but concerning since there have been other notable changes), and she hasn't been her normal lovey dovey self lately. The other important thing I need to mention is we just lost our last kitty a couple weeks ago. I was told that they would be depressed about it for a few days but anything longer they should probably be medicated. I am not comfortable with that. The strange thing too is that Czyna used to fight with our kitty that just passed so it seems unlikely that she would be depressed over her dying. I just don't know. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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My Zoey and Gigi greived for over a month.. evan with natural flower essence help
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Dear Sharky,

Thank you for your message and I am so sorry your kitty passed away. My heart is with you. I was wondering if Evan is an herb? Where can I get it? I am willing to try anything to help them...Thank you so much again!

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I've had cats grieve for over a year and I've had others go on as if nothing happened. Every cat responds differently to a loss of a companion.

I've had a lot of strange and interesting things happen when I've lost cats in my household. The most puzzling behavior changes come when an antagonist crosses, but makes sense when you stop to think about it. Case in point: Tigger always appeared to generally fit into the household but there was always a sense of tension when he was in a room with the other cats. It was nothing you could put your finger on but I could sense some dynamic was going on with the cats. The day he crossed, cats that would I considered shy started coming out into the open and sleeping in places where they normally didn't sleep. Other cats got more playful out of the blue. Tigger wasn't there to harrass and the entire household not only calmed down, but seemed to be celebrating his departure. I have another case where an 11 year old feral cat died and one of the males in the colony warmed up to me and let me actually touch him for the first time in 10 years.

Look deep into the dynamics that occured before and what you are seeing now.

Some people also use Feliway to calm down a cat. You can get it from your vet.
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I used bach flower essences ... I would advise talking with a natural minded vet..
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Dear Sharky and Momofmany....

Thank you so much for your responses. I will look into the suggestions you gave me. It's funny because today Czyna seems more herself. I spoke to the vet late yesterday and she wants to give it another month before we start freaking out. I trust her judgment as she is the only vet that was ever able to handle my pooch without him trying to bite him/her. She is very good with critters. So I will wait unless she gets worse. I am sure the heat isn't helping either. It's over 100 degrees here every day. I feel so bad for these guys. I am hot and I don't even have fur! The a/c is trying as hard as it can to keep up with the heat but it has been just too hot. Anyhow, thank you both so much for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

Many hugs,
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Well I took Czyna girl to the vet yesterday. They did a two view chest xray and there was nothing significant noted. The doctor suggested doing a pancreatic blood test which I won't know the results for for another week. So we have changed her diet to a barley and lamb wet food diet and she asked me to give her 2 ccs worth of petromalt. So we are waiting to see how she does. The good news is that she likes new food so we'll see. Thanks for the well wishes...I really appreciate it!

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This might sound a bit over the top, but it has been recommended here...

Take Czyna into your lap and talk to her. Tell her all about the kitty that crossed, and just bare your heart to her. Sounds crazy but people say it really works. Maybe because she's reacting to your grief....

Give Czyna hugs from me and mine...
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