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Long time no see!! (updates and randomness)

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I've been away for far too long!

I've been popping on and off but haven't really had a chance to post much lately. Our laptop completely died--it needs a new hard drive which is excuse enough for me to get a new computer which is exciting. Currently I'm using my mom's old desktop which doesn't like the internet very much and I'm about ready to pull my hair out. (any suggestions on what kind of laptop I should get??) So instead of spending hours digging up old threads I thought I would just say hello and update all in one!

Some of you may remember that my Papa was recently diagnosed with Lung cancer. He's finished his chemo and radiation treatments and is scheduled for surgery on September 13th. The doctor doesn't know for sure (and won't until its time) but he'll either be removing the upper sector of his left lung, or the entire lung. Its going to be a long road to recovery, but the docs are optimistic and so is Papa so we're all just waiting. If you all could spare a prayer for a successful surgery and quick recovery I would appreciate it very much.

My Dad, who was diagnosed with Amyloidosis last summer is still doing great! Four more years with no recurrence and it will be considered in remission!

For those of you following Miss Bea's story, I got to see her the other day, but since I have no computer I can't upload my pics right now. Hopefully I'll have some for you all soon. She's doing great, running and walking on that leg like nothing ever happened. She seems incredibly happy!!

Madden is doing well, just celebrated his second birthday at the beginning of this month! He went to the vet a couple of weeks ago for his annual check up and was told he needed to diet. He weighed 17 pounds!! So we're working on that, and convincing him to be more active. I can already tell he has more energy. While he is heavy, he's also a BIG built cat. I had no idea he weighed so much though. I feel like a bad mom.

We're all doing pretty well, I just wanted to check in with you guys!

Sorry this turned out to be so long.

Hope everyone is doing well!!
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Good to 'see' you! I'll be praying for your Papa. I hope you get your computer situated soon so you can come on more!
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Hey! It is great to see you back on here

Many vibes and prayers for your papa's op
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Hi nice to see you! Keep us updated on what's going on, and stop in whenever you have time!

For your family through these tough times!
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Hi, nice to see you again.

Sending your Papa lots of vibes.
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Good to see you ...still thinking about you and your Papa...many prayers for a successful operation.
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Long time no see!

Glad to hear things are looking better!

Tell Madden I said he's not fat, he's "Fluffy".... at least thats what we tell Tiger
We had to put him on a diet also. He is down to 15 lbs

Keep us updated and can't wait to see you on yahoo again!
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Hey sweetie!!! LONG time no see!!!

Glad your all doing well. I will continue to pray for your papa and dad.

And tell Madden hello
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Thanks for the vibes you guys! They really mean a lot to me!

Alycia, I tried to convince the vet he was just "fluffy" but he didn't buy it.

Of course Madden thinks he's starving.

Anyway, good to know yall haven't forgotten about me!
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