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Cleaning the hair!

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Ashley has a particular place she loves to be...that is on the back of the couch. You can only imagine the hair that is there and I am having a TERRIBLE time trying to get it up. I have tried vaccuuming, but it just will not come is clinging to the couch. Same thing with other small clumps of fur she leaves behind elsewhere. She doesn't shed like strands of is like fluffy bundles (clumps, sort of). No, she isn't going BALD..not those kind of clumps!

Any ideas how to get this up effectively without ruining the couch?
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Do you have masking tape or duct tape or clear shipping tape? Wrap that around your hand sticky side up and use it to pick up the fur, I do it all the time and its handy. Do you have one of those lint rollers that you can buy at pet stores? They are handy also.
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I vaccumed my WHOLE couch once (including the cushions) only to have the cats shed all over it the same day. Ugh!
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Someone posted a trick here a while ago, and unless your couch is leather or silk it should work. Spritz the couch with water and then just roll the fur off with your hands. Wet cat fur, mmmmmm, what a treat. It should work though.
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I would rather have wet cat hair than wet DOG HAIR! EEWW! That would totally gross me out!
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I have a Dirt Devil hand vac that works wonderfully. Christmas Eve, I vacuumed the furniture and covered it with sheets, so that everything would be nice, Christmas Day. Rowdy burrowed under the sheet, on the couch and went to sleep.

I don't think that my parents would mind a little cat hair, though - THEY have 5 dogs.
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I second the Dirt Devil.thats what I use,and I have 5 cat's
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I tried the tape and that works! I tried the wet cloth and that helps gather it, as well! Then I took Ashley's brush and it came right up!
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I use a moist sponge and the hairs just roll off.
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I used to have a chair that the cats really loved. This is kinda weird but I would spray a light mist of Lysol Bathroom and Tile Spray on it and the hair would just wipe off! It made the chair smell nice and I'm sure it probley killed dust mites ect. too! I would definitely spot test before you use it though just to make sure it doesn't ruin the fabric!
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Static Guard is good for things, that you can shake - cushions, clothes, etc. Of course, when I wear dark-colored velvet, I sit on a wooden kitchen chair. I have a pair of black velvet pumps and, when I wear them, I put them on just outside the door.
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With your cat leaving that much hair behind, you might consider a vet visit. There are some mites that cats can get that cause the hair to fall out in clumps, plus they can get other skin diseases that affect them the same way. You can help this by feeding her a proper diet and even adding cod liver oil to her food to help her coat.
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It isn't CLUMPS like you might think..her fur is fuzzy don't really see single strands it is just like a fuzzy layer you see. I can't explain it and it isn't a ton. She just started this habit of being on the couch like that.
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Bizarre as this will sound, a scotch-brite pad works wonders on my furniture.
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That's not bizarre - I've found that a damp sponge works well.
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I find a shrt-bristled hairbrush works well too, if I can't be bothered to darg to vacuum all the way up the stairs to get the cat-hair of my duvets.

But I am considering investing in one of the hand-held vacuums. So most of you guys reckon it works then?
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I have a Dust Buster that doesn't really do squat. It barely picks up the litter thrown around the litterbox so I can't imagine that it does anything with hair. Never tried to be honest because I think it would be a futile effort.

Sounds like Dirt Devils work OK, though.
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I dont use the dustbuster we have, the power is too weak..
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Vacuum the cat.

Only joking!
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Kumbulu, there is an attachment, for vacuum cleaners that is specially designed for vacuuming pets. Since the Dirt Devil works so well, I'm not bothering with it.
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I would love to see someone trying to vacuum Peedoodle.
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I just got my dirt devil and used it for the frist time on my couch,with about 2 inches of cat hair,took it all off!!!
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