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Talking about bathroom fun!

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Just tought I'd share this funny video. I took it about a month ago, but I hadn't put it on photobucket until now. It's one of my two cats, the gooffy (sp?) one. She's the one having an eye infection at the moment (Zoe).

Laugh it up!

In case the embeding doesn't work, here is the direct link:

Later, I'll also post pictures of Zoe now (her eye wouldn't heal up, so she nows wear that thing around her neck (I don't know what it's called in english) so that she can't scratch it) so that you see how pittyful she looks like.

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oh poor Zoe! she tried so hard to get the mouse without falling in and then BAM!
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LOL! OH poor kitty!
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Poor Kitty...... My girls hate hate water,,, bath's anything...
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Oh poor baby..and your laughing!!!
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I know eh, poor kitty! lol, She still comes on the edge of the bath everytime I take a bath tough. I guess she wasn't traumatized after all! She like to put her paws in the water and them she licks them. She's kinda weird, but I love her so bad!
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that poor kitty..... that was cute especially at the end
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OMG that is soo funny and sooooo cute! I love the background music too. LOL
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Oh gosh! Tsar always tries to pace on the bathtub and inspect it without falling in. It is so cute when she does though!!

That sneaky mouse!
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LOL, that was so funny!
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How cute, they always look at their wet tail as if it is their tail's fault they fell in, don't they
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