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My best friend is missing!

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About four days ago, my sweet little cat Artemis went out the front door (as she does every morning)..but she never came back I've called for her several times, but no response. I called my two neighbors and they've checked for her, but no one has seen her.. I even put flyers in the mailboxes around here and up at local stores asking for anyone who could help.

I'm so sad that she's missing. I keep hoping I'll open the door and she'll be there. I live in a heavily wooded area, so its possible that maybe a fox or something got to her What else can I do to help search for my little angel?
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I am so sorry that Artemis is missing.

Please go to this site for how to search for a lost cat. http://www.petrecovery.com/documents...tismissing.htm

My thoughts are with you.
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The first thing would be to call all the shelters in the area. They don't keep strays more than a few days (unless they're no-kill shelters). I would also call the police, even if it's a long shot that they might help. I would definitely speak to the children in the neighborhood, with the parents' permission. They are outside far more than adults are. If there's a school in the area, ask if you can post a reward somewhere on school property. (I'm sure you've been walking and driving around the area, calling her.)

Things you can do personally, besides the posters (with pictures) and phone calls, is to put very sweaty clothes on your porch and good smelling food, her favorite. She will be able to follow your scent home, hopefully. You might want to sit outside on the porch very late at night, when the rest of the world is quiet. If she has been injured, she might be right in the area, and come out to eat only at night.

I wish you the very best luck. I know how worried you must be.

Renae, I just saw your link. Excellent. I'm going to bookmark that site!
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YAY!!! Artemis came home!!

Turns out, she was stuck in a garage at a house nearby. The people who live there tried to get close to her, because they saw that she had tags, but she would get frightened and run. Finally they just left the door open so she could go out on her own, and she came running back home

They also gave her some food and water so that in case she did come out, she could get a bite to eat. I feel so fortunate to have people around me who care so much about animals! I would do the same for any of their pets

What worries me now..is that there is supposedly a pack of wild dogs roaming about in the neighborhood (I live in a wooded area). They've killed other people's pets and livestock..there's a Rottweiler with them too. Besides calling the appropriate authorities to contain the problem, is there anything we can do to protect our pets?
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They usually turn up nearby. I am so glad you found you cat~! My cats are all micro-chipped but some shelters and some vets don't scan for the chips, though most do.
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It may be a good idea to keep Artemis inside at least until the problem with the dogs is resolved. I used to let my cats out, but since I no longer live where it is safe to do so, they stay in. It took them a little while for them to adjust, but not having to worry about them has been priceless. If I ever move to a place that I feel is safe for him to go out, I may let Fred go out again, but only if I am with him. It would make me crazy when they weren't right there when I opened the door! My 2 girls have never been out, and have shown no interest in going. Fred was an indoor/outdoor cat for 12 years.
I am very glad your baby was ok!
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I'm so happy you have Artemis back! I think krazy kat2 is right, though. You'll have a lot less worry if you keep her inside now. It's so frightening when you can't find them, and the fact that there are wild dogs in the area must be really upsetting.
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Oh yes, I'm very careful about letting her out..and most times I keep an eye on her just to make sure she's close to home. She's also been a bit more wary of the situation and doesn't stray far..if at all
Lately she's been curled up in the hood of a sweatshirt I have under my bed. It smells faintly like my perfume, so she must be happy to be back where she's near me.

I just love the little sweetheart
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I am so glad there was a happy ending to your story.
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Great news. Yayyy Artemis and Pawsitronic!

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