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Cat Caesarean

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Seeing as Libby has gone quite a bit further than her expected due date the vet said she should have a caesarean. We're not too sure whether we should go ahead and let her have it done because we think she might reject the kittens if she doesnt give birth naturally or the operation could leave her in pain and she wont be able to nurse or wash the kittens. Has anyone here ever had a pregnant cat that's had a caesarean? If so, how did the mother cat react to the kittens afterwards?
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I've never had a cat that went through that, but I think that, if the et says you should do it, then you probably should. It's worth the risk of her rejecting the babies then the risk of her and the babies dieing.
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i have been through it once, but the kittens were to prem to survive, the one who did live for 4 days had to be bottle fed, the first day because mum was very week still and didnt want to know, then after that because the kitten was to week to suck, but the mum did come around after about 12 hours.

a few peoples cats have had to have a c section here and there has been no problems atall.

if the vet thinks a c section is the best option then i would listen to him, as tortiebaby said its better to take the risk of mum rejecting them then losing them all. your priority is with the mother as the kittens are not yet here but mum is.
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I totally agree.
If your vet says this need to be done then you should do it, you risk loosing all the kittens AND your mommy cat if you do not have it done.

The vet would not recommend it if he felt it was not needed, I hope all geos well for you
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The vet is now saying that he wont do a c section unless its absolutely necessary. We have an appointment this afternoon for him to examine her and then he'll tell us what he thinks needs to happen. I'll keep you posted!
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I hope the appointment goes well!! God you must be on tenterhooks right now!! I bet you'll be glad when those babies are out safe and well. I'm eagerly awaiting an update!!!
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No caesarean needed just now, we're gonna wait till monday and if she doesnt have the babies by then we have to take her back to the vet and he said she will need a caesarean. We're really hoping she has them before monday because a caesarean is quite alot of money, and the doctor said that she may well reject the kittens.
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You have received a lot of great advice but I want to add something. If you do end up doing a c-section, please please have the vet spay her at the same time! It is no good to have to put her through anesthesia twice for such an important surgery. Plus, the incision is in the same place for both surgeries so it is pointless to have to open her up twice.

Good luck!
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