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Kitten food - UK

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Hi all,
What food would you recommend for a 4 month old kitten (Roxy)? She’s on Whiskas at the moment, but she seems to be bored of it, or maybe she doesn’t really like it, as she keeps ignoring her wet food or walking away from it, but she loves any food which has been put out for our adult cat. Meanwhile Villy (the adult) can’t get enough of the Whiskas kitten food! Is it doing the adult any harm eating some kitten food and vice versa? I do make sure that each one gets some of the food which they are meant to have each day, although this sometimes means putting Roxy in a separate room and watching over her till she’s eaten!
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Whiskas is not a good food. It's basically 'junk' food for cats.

If you're willing to splurge a bit Tesco finest brand wet cat food is actually really good stuff (although at around 50p a can it's not cheap). Sheba is good too. I would stop feeding whiskas altogether.

As for dry if you're feeding it, Royal Canin is really good. A lot of people here on both sides of the pond feed their cats Royal Canin dry and as dry foods go it's really good.

As for adults eating kitten food, I think it's ok. Actually with whiskas the kitten food is probably a bit better because they're higher in protein and the normal whiskas is way too low in protein but still I wouldn't feed it at all.
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whiskers as already said is not a good food for a kitten or cat.

if an adult cat eats kitten food to often it can make them over weight, unless there pregnant/nursing or a kitten then kitten food should not be fed to an adult.

tesco finest at 50p is very cheep, cheeper then whiskers, i shop in tesco for us human food lol but i wouldnt touch supermarket cat foods.

for a 10kg bag of royal canin kitten dry food its about £39.00 which does last a long time.
so it is a bit more expensive but in the long run they dont tend to eat as much as its not full of junk and it helps to keep the cats nice and healthy.
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Have any of you tried the cat food from Marks and Spencers?.

They've got a whole new line out now and all my three love it!. My three prefer the fish ones and it has real chunks of fish in, none of that processed stuff, and the larger tins have some of their fish in a lobster jelly.

It's pricey compared to some, but you get what you pay for

But i'd definitely bin the Whiskas
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Asda now does pouches of High Life - 4 for £1.00. This is adult food though, my cats love it!
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hi life do a kitten/junior version and I think it's complete (a lot of hi life adult pouches are complementary). It has a higher meat content than whiskas. Natures menu also do a kitten variety which has a high meat content. Applaws and almo nature also do kitten varieties but they aren't so easy to get a hold of and are more expensive (tend to be sold by smaller pet stores rather than supermarkets or pet superstores).

For dry I feed Mosi James Wellbeloved or Orijen. JWB do a kitten variety and I think, but can't remember offhand, the Orijen is an all stages food.
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Originally Posted by XxtashaxX View Post
tesco finest at 50p is very cheep, cheeper then whiskers, i shop in tesco for us human food lol but i wouldnt touch supermarket cat foods.
Normally I wouldn't either but the ingredients are pretty good in it. It's 50p for a small 80g can that's enough for one meal. The ingredients (of the chicken ones) are: Chicken Breast (min 45%), tapioca startchm sunflower oil, vitamins and minerals.
Protein 12.5%, oils and fats 2%, Fibre 0.5% Moisture 82% and it's complete rather than complimentary so I don't think that's half bad really and it actually looks like proper meat
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well i must admit it sounds heaps better then whiskers lol.
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If they hadn't been on it already when we got them. I would have switched our boys from Iams kitten, to either Nutro Kitten, or Royal Canin Kitten.

You can easily check out the selection that they have of various foods at either Petplanet, or Zooplus.
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Thanks guys, I've tried some Natures menus, it's 70% meat and she seems to like it, fingers crossed! I'm mixing it in with whiskas so as not to change her food too quickly.
I agree with you all, Whiskas is junk food, i wasn't feeding it to my adult, she is on Royal Canin which is much better, I only gave Roxy Whiskas as she was already on it.
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