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Help = problem with new kitty!!!!

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Have a new kitty (about 7 months old) and adopted him when he was 4 months old. Have a 5 yr old cat & a 4=1/2 yr old yellow lab.
Well, when new kitty (Jasper) was brought home, he was fine - no climbing, running around, swatting at dog (Gracie Allen), ya know,
kind of mellow - he and the 5 yr old (George) started getting along after about 1 month (very surprised took such a short time). Well, now
my husband and I are at our wits end!!! Jasper has been getting slightly rambunctious and now runs all over the place (as kitties sometimes do), climbing, swating at Gracie Allen (the other day he
really got her nose but good - it was bleeding) for no reason, getting
to my bath towel (pulling it off towel rack), ripping our table napkins and paper towels. We are aware he is still a kitten, but I have had 2 cats (1st one was 8 months old when I adopted her - don't remember her being so rambunctious - she is gone 5 yrs now - George was 6 months old when we adopted him - he was very mellow, not a very social cat) and of course I am aware that all cats are not the same.
Anyway, have tried the water bottle spray method when Jasper climbs on
the kitchen counter, put him in George's and his room (bathroom) and closed the door (was advised by a kennel owner and my vet to keep him
confined when necessary). He is such a sweet guy and really don't want to give him back to woman we adopted him from, but we are getting really upset about his behavior - any suggestions?
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Second this kitty is testing it's boundrys and asserting it's "dominance" over the other animals in the house. Is the kitty fixed? Have you had the kitty checked at the vet to rule out any illness that would make the kitty irratable? Any changes in the household? You can try to spend a little more time running the kitty around with more play time. Good Luck!
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Is he neutered? It is possible that the hormones have kicked in and are making him wild. If he is not yet neutered, please talk to your vet about doing the procedure right away.
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Remember that he is a kitten and running around and testing their kitty skills is what they do.
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we had him checked at our vet not too long after adopting him...
He was fine, has had all his shots.
We are aware that he is still kitten, has plenty of energy, and
yes, I clip his claws at least every 2 weeks.
My husband is not happy about the situation and would rather give
him back to where we adopted him from - maybe Jasper is aware that
there is tension in the household.
Will Jasper calm down soon and if so, about when?
Guess besides people getting a little leary about situation, seems
George and Gracie Allen are not too happy about this new bundle
of energy, but George has accepted Jasper and they sleep, play and
see George clean Jasper.
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You can try and put Rescue Remedy in Jasper's food. You can take a paper cup and fill it with water and balance it on top of the towels so when he jumps up to get the prize, the water will dump and scare him away.

Put your paper napkins into a large ziplock bag and take them out only as needed. Wrap aluminum foil around the paper towel holder, or take a rubber band and secure the roll that way.

It sounds to me like a stress reaction. To many animals in the same space, not enough litter boxes? Something is triggering his behavior. The Rescue Remedy will help. Good luck!
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please let me know what this is, what it is used for, is is harmful for kitty, where can I get it?
Never heard of it, nor do I know anyone who has used it.
Thanks for the help
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Rescue Remedy is a herbal blend that will calm down a stressed animal, relieve anxiety and stop stress. It is all natural and will not hurt your cat, BUT on some cats, it simply will not work. You just have to try it and see. If you follow the link and click on Animals Elementals you will see that they carry the flower essence line. Rescue Remedy is part of that line.Animal Essence
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What about toys and scratching posts? Maybe get some more various toys for him to amuse himself with- balls, mouses, strings, etc.

Also, whenever he starts tearing at your paper towels, remove him and put him at the scratching post and whenever he uses it, reward him.

Also keep your bathroom door closed so he can't get to your towels.

I have 3 cats and two are brothers (about 8 mths old now) and very ACTIVE. They LOVE to tear through my apt. So far they have broken 3 floor lamps, gotten my clothes scattered all over the floor, steals towels or blankets so I often will find towels/blankets in strange places.

I noticed it lessened after I played more and hard with them- I wear them out with waving feather wands, leathers on a string attached to a pole, etc making them run all over chasing these stuff and often after I do this, they'd take a NAP to recover! I also have started closing my bathroom door so now I don't have towels scattered all over.

I also bought Claw Pals Cat Tower for about 50 dollars and it is very effective. It is basically a post with 3 different levels of steps and have dangling balls for the cats to swat at. My cats LOVE to play with that. I'd recommend you get that also.

Good luck! Keep us posted!
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