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On the whole I guess I write cursive, though if I want something to stand out, I'll often print. For the most part I use a pen, but again, there are times when a pencil makes more sense -- particularly if it's something that might involve erasing.
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Happy Birthday Katie's mom

Now to the ? ! Well I like pens way better than pencil..when I was in school I couldn't write unless I had a pen And I prefer to print it rather than cursive...but of course sometimes I get in those moods to write in cursive

But its definetly Pen and Print
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Print with a blue or black pen.
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I prefer to write in pen..and I mix writing in print and cursive
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I'm not a big fan of pencils, so I'm more of a pen writer (though my handwriting is best with Sharpies). And I like to write in print most of the time, though a lot of times its half and half
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I prefer to write in pencil, and I write using a mix of print and cursive. Actually, I don't write on paper that much anymore, because using computers for 25 years has made me a fairly fast typist, and it's so much easier to do with keyboard and screen. This is to the detriment of my longhand writing, which has become pretty sloppy.
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I prefer writing with pen and I generally combine cursive and print most of the time
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I normally don't like using pencils. unless I feel like drawing. so I print most of the time with an ink pen and write my signature for things in cursive with a pen.
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After tonight's econ class and me madly scribbling notes, I have determined that my writing is not print or cursive, it's just a mess

and I ONLY use black gel pens, they're a certain brand that I can't remember, but I know them on sight and they're the only kind I use
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I have on kind of pen I like, too. I print in ink for the most part. Unless you've got a crabby prof who won't accept assignments unless they're in pencil.
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