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fake ebay email?

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i only post this because i know someone else had a simillar thing happen not to long ago but i cant find the thread.
i had an email the other day for an anual renew for my account information, i never looked at it properly so kept the email as new untill i had a chance to look properly.

thank god i did, once i opend the email i noticed it didnt say my name like other ebay emails. it had a link that i was ment to click, and because of reading something here once not to long ago i remember someone saying you should never click a link.
so i went to my ebay account that i have book marked and checked my messages and there was no copy of it in the folder.

i have sent the details of the sender and path to ebay and everything the email contained, thank god i waited to look properly at that email who knows what would have happened.

so i wanted to thank who ever it was who posted the thread about there email, and to everyone who put the information on that thread on what to do.
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If you are ever unsure, go to ebay.com, dont click any links in the email, with ebay, if they need more information, once you log in, a message will apear on your screen.

Be careful with Bank emails, or any email asking you to follow a link and enter information...I used to get this problem alot, and just as qyuickly as it started it stopped.....

I have sold a couple of designer items on ebay, and as soon as you list your item you start getting messages from other users offering to sell you designer items that you can then sell for a proffit on ebay, NEVER DO THIS EITHER, these are rip off merchants who want you to send them money through an untraceable source like western union so they can go and collect the money and then never send you the goods, I have known not to do this as I worked in a bank and they used to tell us to warn customers about it. If they dont accept paypal, I wont buy!

Anyways sorry to add in
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thanks for the information.

just got an email back from ebay..


Thank you for sending us the email you received. We can confirm that it
did NOT originate from eBay or PayPal. The email you received was a fake
or "spoof" email.

Please ignore the email and delete it from your email account
immediately. Do not reply to it, and do not click on any links or
buttons in the email.

What is spoof?

Spoof emails are made to appear as though they have originated from a
trustworthy source such as eBay, PayPal, banks or other companies. They
aim to obtain sensitive data such as passwords or financial information
for fraudulent use. Spoofing is also known as "phishing", and it is an
attempt to steal your identity.

A spoof email usually asks you to click on a link in the email, which
directs you to a spoof website. The website is also designed to
impersonate the company in question and collect personal details such as
User IDs, passwords or credit card information. Sometimes spoof emails
request that you enter your personal information directly into the

Spoof emails may also contain viruses, Trojans or other malicious
programs. Trojans can make it possible to access information stored on
your computer, while viruses or spyware programs can log keystrokes.

How can you tell whether an email was sent by eBay?

If you are in doubt about an email you receive in the future, check your
eBay account. Most emails from eBay or sent on behalf of eBay will
appear in the My Messages section of My eBay.

The safest way to access your eBay account and messages is to sign in
directly via the eBay homepage. Go to the eBay homepage and click "Sign
in" or "My eBay".

If you remain suspicious about an email, please forward it to us at this
address (spoof@ebay.co.uk) so that we can check it for you.
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I've recieved a fake ebay e-mail before. Like you I was so glad I caught it! Actually today I noticed an e-mail in my spam folder that started with paypal and then a bunch of junk. I bet they were thinking people will just glance at the beginnng and open it.
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Yep. Those have been going around as long as ebay has been in business.

The best thing to do is always delete any email from Paypal or ebay and just use your bookmarked link to go to their site and see if there is any news.
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Its a way for hackers or those stealing your identity to get your account info (and back, etc.). If you put your curser on the "link" it will NOT say anything regarding ebay!

Send those to spoof@ebay.com.

You did the right thing by reporting it to ebay.

I've also gotten them for PayPal too.
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Sending those things to ebay doens't do anything. All ebay does is send you a reply saying it's not legit, which you already knew which is why you sent it to them to begin with.
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thats right , that is the only email i have gotten is to say it wasnt from them, there has been nothing since.
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I received one from Amazon last year. Luckily, I sent Amazon an email asking if it was them and they responded the same way ebay replied to you. Unfortunately some peope don't think and actually go through with it
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