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Very Sick 2yo Male, FUS & Bloating

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Took my kitty to the emergency vets on Sunday night due to inability to pass urine. Diagnosed with FUS... very heavy concentration of crystals and very bloody bladder. He received cathater and IV fluids but was vomitting and had the runs overnight. Transferred to our regular vet the next day. They did blood work and xrays which looked quite good, but cat still not eating. Next day the cat pulled out his catheter. Urine was passing, not quite as bloody. Still not eating but force fed a tiny bit. Tuesday the vets took out the IV and sent him home at 4 p.m.

Here we are now at around 3 a.m. Wednesday. My cat has a very bloated feeling abdomin. His urine comes out a few tiny drops at a time, creating chickpea size lumps in the clumping litter. I am suppose to take him back at 10 a.m. for a vet check but I'm not sure he can wait that long.

Any advice?
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I'd call the ER vets back and explain the situation. They may be able to advise you on whether to bring him right away or wait until 10 am.
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IMO sounds like he's still blocked - I'd get him to the ER again.
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Male cats can block a few times before they are actually clear of crystals. ALso their tissues swell. I would get him back right away!
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Thanks for the info.

I was at the vet's doorstep with my cat, Vinnie, when they opened at 8 a.m.

The vet put in a new catheter and drained the bladder. No crystals this time, but the bladder has atrophied, so Vinnie is having lots of trouble urinating. Unfortunately my kitty removed his catheter, again, even with a cone on. When I last spoke to the vet he was getting another catheter and a new IV line.

I'll visit him later this afternoon, but tonight he's staying at the animal hospital. It looks like he'll be o.k., but it will take lots of time and money.

I already have his new raw meat diet ready in the freezer, and supplements in the kitchen cupboard. All 3 cats will be making the change.
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If your vet recommends putting this cat on C/d or w/d or s/o, please please please, ,make sure you do it. Its important to keep a cat on a strict diet to keep urinary PH low. Please inform your vet you are putting your cat on a raw diet as well. I know nothing of raw diets and UTI. But im telling you if your cat blocks again it could mean a major surgery. Maybe your original diet did not work with your kitty for urinary PH. Please double check with your vet before you do anything. thanks
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I just found out my cat has this problem, and hes two years old too!!
Took him to the vet this morning, got some medicine and a bag of C/D food... going for a check up on Friday..
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