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Good Source for Info on Dog Diet

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I know this is a cat forum but my parents are taking my cousin's black lab on Friday morning. This poor dog is the sweetest thing in the world - about a year and half old - and my folks will be her third home. My cousin and her family are unable to provide for the dog (or themselves for that matter) and have finally agreed to let my folks take her (my cousin's husband finally landed a new job as an apartment complex super and they will get free rent and utilities but can't take the dog with them).

My parents have a vet appointment already lined up but in the interim I wanted to direct them to some web sites about doggy diet and nutrition. My Dad is convinced it doesn't get much better for dogs then Kibble 'N Bits 'N Bits and thinks I'm a little nuts for feeding my cats a Merrick (wet food) and Nutro (dry) because its "so expensive" (mind you he makes gobs more than moi). My late cat had many health problems, many we found out too late, that were aggregated by her diet and so he does understand my desire to feed the cats a healthy diet but in his mind dogs are different.

But back to the doggy. Currently the dog eats whatever she is fed or can find - often cat food or parts of my cousin's toddler's sandwiches (the little girl feeds the dog because she knows the doggy is hungry).

Any advice?

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i am currently feeding a homemade diet with some canned mostly nutro and wellness to my pre cushings dog .... I actually use cat recipes( with the blessing of my vet )
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I feed Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul and have had great results.
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Thanks for the info and prompt replies! I'll be sure to pass the info on to my Mom and Dad.

Thanks again!
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I think the most comprehensive and best site out there is this one:
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WOW - that's a great site.

So far Dad's agreed to buy two little bags of different flavored Iams dry food just in case the dog doesn't like one or the vet wants her on a special diet to bulk her up.

Thanks much!
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We use Natures Variety for our dogs (2 dane puppies and 1 mixed). It costs about $37 a 30lb bag. We go through 1 bag every 9 days. They eat an avg of 4 cups a day for the Great danes and the mixed eats maybe 2 cups a day. While on this they poop 1x a day and it isn't a huge pile either. It works awsome for us and from what I have found is the same price as Science Diet Large breed but 100xs better. http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_f...iews/index.php That site shows the rateings of each food. And what is in it.
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Remember just like with cat food the BEST is a IMHO matter ... for my girl at her age with her issues Wellness core fits the bill... when she was younger Nutro Natural choice line worked for her ... If you have a vet with reasonable nutrition knowledge ask them as they will be able to take into age , activity and any medical issues...
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