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Wednesday DT

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How is everyone? I am okay, just finished exercising and it made me feel better.
Last night I made this chicken parmesan, I found the recipe in a cosmo magazine and it was so easy and the result - darn delish!
There was a plane crash in Charlotte, looks like all abroad were killed.
Kahu is doing very well, he is acting like a typical kitten, running around, playing with everything, I just caught him trying to put his head in my cup of water. Peedoodle is sleeping in his bed, not bothered by Kahu at all, whew!
Penka is sleeping in her bed also, she is used to being alone, what do you expect after being left in a cold, dirty garage . She was probably surprised to be all snug and warm last night, she is a sweetheart and I really hope she can get a good home as soon as possible.
Jake started back at school today, so I get a lot more time to myself, but it is also more time to dwell on a lot of things, so I am thinking of going to school with him just to get out of the house and pass my time. I would love to be in NZ earlier but finances dont allow it, as Jake was laid off his job and thats why he made the decision to go back to school, however he does work part time at a horse ranch when weather allows, I may go there in the spring time to help out, its really nice out there and I love the horses!

I hope everyone has a lovely day
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When were you planning on going back to NZ?

Glad all is well with the new furbeings in your home! Well, Nakita is 1 for 2 when it comes to New Year's Resolutions. Ok, I made them up for Nakita but she was willing also!

Nakita will not allow me to brush her teeth! She also hated the taste of the cat toothpaste. (even though the package says *all* cat's love it) It was more of a comedy skit and we ended up on the floor laughing more than brushing teeth.

But, Nakita doesn't mind her harness! We had the figure 8 harness on her last night and she just sat there. Then she started to more around and play with it, but it didn't bother her that much at all! I'll need to get her leash trained so I can take her into my backyard and at the cottage.

I've been dealing with a couple of employment recruiters. I can't stand having to go through the temp agencies but I have to look at all my options. Plus, I've been looking into becoming a Virtual Assistant. This allows me to stay at home and I would do the admin functions for small businesses who don't have the office space or want to spend money to purchase the hardware. Either way, I need some type of employment by the end of February.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

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It's only Wednesday. This is a long week and it's only Wednesday. Guess those two days on, day off, two days on, two days off from the holidays are catching up to me.

I think I've finally convinced Earl that he HAS to get a job. He's been out of work for over 2 years now, but a year of that was compensated by insurance for wage loss because of his car accident. Still, it's been a year since he brought home a real paycheck, and I can't do it all by myself. He made a half hearted effort around the Christmas season (he works retail, at least that's what he has experience in), putting in maybe 6 applications total. After our skimpy Christmas and me nagging the heck out of him for the last two weeks, he's actually going to start looking again. There is a housekeeping position open at our apartment complex that would be 20% off our rent plus salary and benefits. I know he doesn't do well cleaning our place, but for that compensation I think he's willing to give it a try.

It's funny how we all bash those women on Joe Millionaire for thinking money is so important, but to be honest it is important. Anyone who hasn't had enough to cover the basic bills or lived with someone who doesn't want to work knows that.
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UGH. I am in sort of a depressed mode! I need a job and like REALLY quick like! I don't know how much longer we can stand out feet, but the economy is just HORRIBLE! Even temp agencies can't place everyone....that is how bad it is...at least here in this one-horse town! We are supposed to be planning a wedding for the spring and it just isn't looking good cash wise Do you ever just feel like banging your head against the wall?

My internet service has been up and down all day today, too ! Aren't I just a bundle of happiness today? :LOL:

On the happy side, the sun is OUT! The temperature is reaching 50 here today and I am having a case of spring fever! Already I have hauled out the vaccuum, torn apart the couch to vaccuum, vacuumed the lampshades...I am just taking a break now..!
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We're warm and sunny, nearly 70, today. If this darned wind would die down, we'd feel a lot better. Bill has a cold and my allergies are acting up. If we could just sleep through the night, it would help.

Today is my oldest son's birthday. WHAT am I doing, with a 28-year-old? I'm much too young for that!

Happy hump day.
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My hubby has been laid off since September, I am only making 6,49 a hour,no overtime allowed,thank God his mom lives here,we have been useing her SC check to pay the bills,my trouble is I think Ted likes being laid off !!!He has been spending a lot of time at his church,trying to make it bigger,get more people to come,but he don;t get paid to do this .He is only a part time pastor,making only 160.00 a month. And we all know what unempolyment pays! Crap! Plus ,this may sound petty,I am sick & tired of getting up at 5 AM and seeing him still sleeping! And going home to a unmade bed! Last out should make the bed!Am I wrong to want the bed made,when I get home
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Do I like not working? YES! I LOVE IT! But, it isn't realistic that I can be. We just cannot survive...it is running dry quickly! I am in the process of a discrimination thing with my former employer, though. I was on a medical leave that falls under the Americans with Disabilities Act and shortly after that, I was canned for the absences. If I get some serious money out of this, I am going to be VERY VERY HAPPY! I was even denied unemployment because of the absences even though I provided all of the medical information. The unemployment office doesn't care....more times than not, they try and side with the employer....I REALLY have no loyalty to employers because let's be honest, they REALLY have none to us!
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Cindy, I have the same problem! I know it's not possible for my kids to have aged so much when I'm so young. In fact, some of my children are older than I am now. Hmmmm.

Heidi, You've carried the load long enough. It's just not fair. I know your husband's a good guy, but enough is enough. Marriage is a corporation, not a one-woman job!

Carrie, Sometimes it takes months to find a job in your field. Get the resumes out there, make sure there's a fresh tape in your answering machine and take any interim job you can get. It makes you feel better about yourself, even if it doesn't make use of your skills.

Sherral, I was a church organist making more than that a month. There is a shortage of ordained pastors right now. Perhaps he should speak to someone in the synod about getting a transfer.
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Please rescue me! I am on the site now as I have my trainees doing an assignment. This has been a really long week and I miss just being able to hope in here when I want to! After today, at least it is only 2 more days of work before I am on vacation! Look out Mexico - here I come! I did want to give everyone an update. My MIL is out of the hospital and still very weak, but happy to be home! She is on a high fat diet - she was told to eat what she wants, when she wants. She was encouraged to eat ice cream, chips etc because she has lost so much weight! Hope everyone else is doing fine!
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Things are looking a little better for now. Shawn and our roommate are going to go ahead and take care of some of the electric and gas bills. At least we won't get shut off! My boss has been buying me lunch everyday so at least I don't go hungry. He offered to let me come over to his apartment and clean it this weekend for some extra cash. I know he feels sorry for me and he takes care of me when I need it! I have a lot I have to do this weekend, before I leave for L.A..
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Sorry I did't explain right! Ted is only a lay speaker right now ,he is going to school,one night a week,to get ordained someday,There are only 5 people at his church right now,it is a very small church,it do not even have a real bathroom! {out house}no running water,They do have electric,and heat. When he gets ordained,he will get a new church.
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Its been a busy day for me here at work and I didn't even do any homework today! I decided that today would be my day to straighten up my desk area, and THAT I DID! I am so proud of myself and I feel so much better with a clean and neat desk. Now, only 55 mins left to go!

I have physical therapy tonight, which I'm not looking forward to. I think my bum has gotten enough stretching and exercise throughout the past few weeks. If all goes well, tonight's session should be my last. Then I will be put on a home exercise program. I probably won't do that anyways.

I can't wait to get out of here and into the warm sunshine and weather. Its around 50 degrees here today!
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