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Freaked Kitten

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Well, happily Xander is doing so very much better having very quickly recovered from his inability to walk due to a bone infection. Here's the new problem, his brother Bo loves to look in every nook and cranny in the house, but Xander is a little fearful guy who is petrified of the bedrooms. I bring him into bed on the weekends so he can experience the fun of rolling around on the bed with his brother, and he loves this, snuggling in bed business, but as soon as his feet hit the floor, he acts like he's going to be attacked by a monster, he tears down the hallway to "safety". He's now content everywhere but in the back of the house and in the basement (which is quite cozy and fun I might add). MY QUESTION>>>Will he just take time to get over his fear of this space or is there maybe something he's really afraid of? I want to help him but I'm just not sure what to do. Any suggestions. -Jess
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I think that with more time he will be brave enough to hang out in the bedroom. He has been through so much trauma in his short life that it doesn't surprise me that he is so skittish.

Try sitting on the bedroom floor and hum quietly to yourself or read outloud softly and perhaps have some yummy kitty treats with you on the floor. Chances are that he will join you in the room to get treats (or just to see why in the world you are sitting there talking to yourself!).

Bravo to you for working so hard to take care of this poor boy.
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Did Xander spend a lot of time in the bedroom while he was sick? He may associate the place with the pain that he remembers. I've heard of this happening with kitties who have had urinary tract infections, that they associate the litterbox with the pain (why they start peeing outside the box) but even after the UTI is cleared up they still won't use that box.

I would think that doing what Renae (lotsocats) suggests, and getting him to associate the room with positive things, like treats, loves, and playing, will eventually get him past the bad association. Be patient with the little guy, and don't ever force him to stay in there if he's not comfortable (by shutting the door).
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Try sprinkling catnip on the floor- it vaccumms up easily enough. Leave nice treats in sight on the floor and sit down so you are at his level and he does not feel threatened. Hang a toy from the archway of your bedroom door- just temporarily. Make it a feathered or attractive toy that he will want to play with and let him become brave right at the entry to the room that scares him so badly. Keep the lights dim and play soft classical music in the background. He will work this out, it will just take time.
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Great suggestions! I think I'll try a new toy in the archway of the bedroom. He loves playing in the bed with Bo and falls asleep in cozy little puff spots on our bed, but he is afraid of the actual hallway. I do remember a time about 8 or more WEEKS ago when he was still walking a bit and he got under my foot in our spare bathroom right in the beginning of the hallway. He was so scared, shaking, and in pain, I never saw what I did because I was backing up, but I do know it hurt his front left leg. He was walking fine after a few minutes, but he was very scared. Bo on the other hand is stepped on all the time and never seems phased, such a boy. Xander is just a sensitive little thing. They had so much fun playing with our Betta fish this morning, maybe I'll put one in the hallway to encourage his curiosity in that area.
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