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Given their name for falling limp in your arms,like a ragdoll!!!

I own a bengal, and love him for many characteristics, but he doesn't like to be held. I'd say

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ooooo persian definately!!!
Have owned ragdolls and good old moggies, but i say persians are definately most affectionate, all mine want, love and beg to be picked up.
Choose a good breeder, who raises their cats well and you'll never look back
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I have to cast another vote for Siamese. My Siamese usually "attack" me as soon as I sit down-they can't wait to sit in my lap. Only one Siamese (out of seven and he was actually a Balinese) wasn't a lap cat. My husband says they are " an in your face kind of cat."
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Originally posted by Rene
And genetically it seems that every domestic Male Red Tabby is just a complete mush cat!
I would have to agree wholeheartedly with that! Jules is such a love, if you make kissy noises he comes up and shoves the top of his head up against your lips so you can kiss him!
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I vote for Persians! Mine is the friendliest cat I've ever had... and I've had a few! Especially when I was a kid. My parents would get exasperated because I broght home every cat and kitten in my path. Many friends at school had mamma cats with babies (back then spaying/neutering wasn't recommended as strongly) and when their parents threatened to take them to "The Pound" I'd bring them home! Ok... sorry for getting off the track there!

Anyway, my persian is the sweetest, most affectionate cat I've had. She gives me kisses and loves to just hang out with me. But I love all cats too!

Tammie & Peaches
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I agree with Frannie, Rene and Sandie! I have an abby and he is the most sweetest thing i could ever imagine! Of course then my others are loving and lap kitties also, they are a grey tabby farm born cat, and two cats from the streets. so if that helps you I'm not sure but I hope so...
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I have to put a vote for Egyptian Maus. Maybe because Isis is just a kitten still, but she has all the characteristics I've ever wanted in a cat. She likes to play, she comes and sleeps in my arms, she's very chatty, she rubs against my legs, and she purrs constantly. And she's cute to the 10th degree!
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OMG! Xsation, Isis is beautiful
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I think Blue Point Siamese are the sweetest, and friendliest of cats. I have two Siamese right now, and my Seal Point is high strung, independant, and gets mad at me, when I want my computer chair, he's loving when he wants something, but usually he even gets annoyed when I pet him, if he's not in the mood. My Blue Point is so sweet, and docile. He is totally in your face, and loves everyone he meets. I had another Blue Point who passed on, and she was just about as sweet and my present Blue Point. I also have a Persian. He's pretty sweet as well, although he doesn't like to be held - he's a sweet but very playful little guy.
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Thanks Sam!
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Did you get a new kitty yet?
Here is an Abby for adoption:
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Personally, I would say that black & white male (neutered of course!) plain old domestic shorthair alley cats are the sweetest, lovingest, most affectionate in-your-face cats I've ever known, along with orange tabbies.

If you really want a purebred, I'd vote for a Maine Coon - they're very loyal & sweet, mellow family cats. They're sweet & affectionate without being too demanding.

about maine coons

maine coons for adoption
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If you REALLY must have a purebreed, I vote for the Maine Coon. They develop a loyalty to 1 person in the household and will love that person exclusively.

Other than my Shalimar, I've always had plain ole shorthair alley cats. Someone in the neighborhood would have a litter of kittens and I'd pick one up. It depends on how the kitten is raised. Mom's cat used to fall asleep in her arms. Mom could do anything and that cat would come bounding back for more fun. My sister's cats used to sleep on top of anything high they could get to. Something the kids and dog couldn't climb on. The kids never abused the cats, they were just high energy toddlers.

My advice...go to the local shelter and fall in love. Give that cat all your love and eventually you may have a lap-cat.
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