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Sweet, friendly and affectioniate breeds?

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Hi, I thought I would post this question on this forumn, as you folks are probably familiar with the widest variety of cats. I had posted a question in one of the other areas here about my British shorthairs personality...how he doesn't like to be picked up etc. It got me wondering...what breeds are very affectioniate? Which breeds are noted for wanting to be petted, cuddled, picked up and in general handled a lot? My Duncan (BSH)...is very friendly and dog-like...but, does not like being handled and picked up. Not a lap cat. I understand that this is what his breed is like. And...I have no desire to change Duncan...he has way too many cool characteristics to ever want to change him. At some point in the distant future, when I get another cat, I do want one that would be more cuddly. One that I could have sitting on my lap. One that doesn't mind being "messed with"...lol Could you folks give me some ideas of breeds that are especially sweet and friendly? And also...on the same note, could you give me an idea of which breeds are not particularly cuddly, etc.? Thanks a lot! Cindy W.
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They love to be brushed and cuddled. As long as you are consistant with brushing and bathing they will come to look forward to the time with you. I never have to pick up my kitties. I do have to put them down alot!
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Bengals are friendly. I have one who does not like to be picked up. But my others are right in my face when I sit down. I also have one girl who will sit on my shoulder. I think this is very neat!
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Persians are the most cuddly but I understand that ragdolls are very good also.
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My Siamese are very affectionate, but I too have heard that Ragdolls are the most easy going cat there is. I have never had one, myself.
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I have 2 Siamese (not that friendly), a Bengal (not friendly at all), three Burmese (two of whom are extremely friendly, one isn't). If I was to recommend a pedigree breed to a newbie, I would definitely suggest a male Burmese. You cannot go wrong with them. They are smoochers to the point of stupidity. LOL. My Burmese girls love a cuddle, but my boy....he just won't leave you alone. And talk about laid back, I've never once seen him hiss or growl. He's the first to welcome new cats to the fold & like other Burmese has a tendency to "flop" on the floor at your feet & expose his belly for some lovin'.

I think it is hard to pidgeonhole the breeds. I know of people who have friendly Siamese & Bengals, I just don't have them myself.

Devon Rexes are also another great breed. They tend to be more energetic than the Burmese, but are also extremely friendly. I have a friend who breeds them, they're great fun to watch. Always getting into trouble. LOL.

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My friend breeds Russian Blues. They're lovely cats. Hers are extremely friendly. They're very well behaved cats, well...compared to my group of thugs. I'm not happy if I don't have a cat who's whinging or breaking something.

I had no idea how noisy Bengals are, I thought Siamese were talkative....they're nothing on my Bengal. He's non stop, I love it. LOL.

I have the most beautiful photo my friend took of one of her kittens.


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Traditional Siamese, Tonkinese, Maine Coon, Ragdoll and Bengals are my pick. I own a very friendly male Siamese and an extremely friendly female Bengal. I think the sweetest cats are Domestic Orange Tabbies!
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Crazy-Cat-Lover...Oh, do you have a Traditional Siamese? We have one....they're extremely rare in Australia, and her mother was killed recently, so they will be even harder to get. There's literally only a handful of breeders here.

Anyway, she is lovely. Not the friendliest cat, but that's because she's too busy off chasing bugs & generally causing trouble. When she's in the mood for a smooch, then she's fantastic. I'll try & attach a piccy of her.

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Originally posted by Misha
I have the most beautiful photo my friend took of one of her kittens.




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I have 5 Siamese 3 are big on laps and hugs and belly rubs.2 only when they want to be! I also have the traditional Siamese. I never liked cat intill my son bought me my frist one,I would have lots more if my hubby would let me!You can see their picture in the thread Siamese Christmas.
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Ok I am partial to abys but I do believe each cat is lovable whether it's a male or female. I believe it's how the breeder brings them up. I am not saying that breeders don't handle their cats but some have more interception with their cats. I handle my babies from the second they are born. Either myself or my husband are around for each birth. We make our schedules around a due date. I also am not a big breeder and do pride myself on my cats being "in your face" cats. My mom is also a breeder of Siamese and OSH and they are very friendly. Sandy and Ken's cats are very friendly. I do believe it's the way and the personality of the parents that are passed on to them along with the loving they get at home. I know this will open a can of worms, but it's my opinion and only my opinion.

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Fran, that's so true! There are a handful of breeds that are classified as in your face cats. However, if they are starved for the proper care and socialization when little, they can be very shy or skiddish.
The breeds I have experience and more than none they are very lovable are Siamese, Abby's, Tonks, Turkish Angoras, Ragdolls,Cornish Rex and Maine Coons. I can also say that every Munchkin thats come out of this house, even the long legged ones are lap cats to the extreme
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Fran, I think what you have to say holds a lot of value.

However...I did meet a breeder (who raises her cats in cages, yuck) who breeds Tiffanies & Devons. She said that she has to bring the Tiffanies in from birth for socialisation, but with the Devons, (from memory), she just brings them in a couple of weeks before they go to their new homes because they're just a naturally more outgoing breed.

My Bengal was raised in a huge shed, it was a beautiful set up, and he had plenty of space, and also an outdoor enclosure, however...he wasn't raised underfoot & I think this is one of the reasons he isn't as friendly as I'd have liked. Don't get me wrong, he's a gorgeous cat, but it actually hurts me that he runs away when I try & catch him sometimes.

Just to throw a spanner in the works however...my male Burmese & female Burmese both came from the same cattery (raised in cages), and the male is the biggest smooch you could meet & the female is much, much less friendly. So, I think genetics has to play a part in their nature too.

If I ever got another purebred, I'd make sure it came from a breeder who had only a limited number of cats, and they were raised underfoot.

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I think each cat, just like each person, has their own character. I am a persian lover, but have had some that have to be on top of you at all times and others that like to be close, in the same room or even on the same chair, but don't want to be touched all the time. All my cats are raised underfoot, so I can't claim that this makes them friendlier, as some do appear to be a bit more "independent" (for want of a better word). None have ever been fractious, but some like their space. My particular family tend to have slightly friendlier males though. It's a difficult one!
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I would definitely recommend a tonkinese! My little tonk is extremely affectionate, almost to the point of being clingy! We recently got Lexxus her own baby to keep her company when we are at work, a little bengal female. Bengals are also quite affectionate, but are a very active cat!
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Whatever breed you pick, I would choose a male cat. They are WAY more laid back. Females are always busy cleaning themselves and chasing things. All my males are sweet and affectionate. 4 out of 5 of my females are skittish. They have never been hurt and certainly have never been starved. Even breeders I have talked to say to pick a male. I have a 5 1/2 month old Siamese cross male and his sister from the same litter. Both were raised together and they are both spoiled and loved. Hercules, the male, is so sweet docile. His sister, Xena, runs whenever anybody moves.

If it were me getting a new cat I would pick a Savannah, Chausie, Pixie Bob, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, Siberian, Ragdoll, Honeybear or Highland Lynx!

Male or Female, all cats can be sweet, loving and docile. Just ask the breeder about her opinion. She will know the difference in the males and females temperment. Good Luck!
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Absolutely true about male cats, they are much nicer.
For me the Russian Blue is the TOP!

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I have to agree with Kass, Leslie and Els (surprise, surprise ) that the russian blue is the friendliest, cuddliest, lovingest breed. Nik follows us from room to room, will jump on a lap almost before we've sat down, he cuddles right up by my face, and sleeps on my husband's shoulders. He gives little loving headbuts, and purrs like an engine.

He was very well socialised before he came to live with us.

In my limited experience, boy cats have been more affectionate to the whole family, whereas girl cats seem to have just one person that they bond to - although this is a generalisation obviously.

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I'll have to put in my vote for Russian Blue too They can be shy with strangers, but to family they are the biggest snuggle bunnies

My female Russian gives headbutts, nose kisses, and purrs like an engine too :tounge2: loves being right there with us — but no one outside the family would ever know this! I love how affectionate she is with family but I wish she weren't so skittish with strangers.

My female calico, on the other hand, will greet perfect strangers but doesn't like to be picked up or petted too much, no nose kisses or head butts either.

Naomi, I have heard the same thing about boy kitties being more affectionate too. And I think for Russian Blues this is even more true because they tend to be a shy breed.
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I was quite surprised when I picked up Nakita from the breeder. The breeder was doing a cat show that day so it was easier for me to meet her there. Nakita was asleep in her cage where the brother was freaking out by all the new people and sounds! Nakita could care less what was going on around her.

Since bringing her home, she is very *unlike* a Russian Blue since she greets strangers at the door. And when visitors come over, she's first to jump into their laps or shoulders! She is quite vocal too, more like a Siamese. Actually, right now she's chirping up a storm!

So in my case, this female is acting more like a male!

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Kassandra, that's so neat your Russian is mellow! Ours little girl used to be quite friendly to strangers up til maybe 1-2 yr old. .. but then she started getting shy.

And did you say Nakita has a. . .hmmmm. . strident voice?? heh :tounge2: ours does too. We laugh and howl a good one when we read about how "quiet" Russians are and how the females "so quiet it's hard to know when they are in season"!! NOT! yes our furbabe is more Siamese in that respect.
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Originally posted by Maui
And did you say Nakita has a. . .hmmmm. . strident voice?? heh :tounge2: ours does too. We laugh and howl a good one when we read about how "quiet" Russians are....
Yes, I laugh also! The reason we picked this breed is that it stated this cat would be good in apartments since it is so quiet! We were in an apartment when we were considering getting her but we're in a house now.

You have to luv the quirks of each cat!

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I have know lap cats either, they all love to be petted and groomed. Joey, he is my oldest boy and he does like to be held if I am standing up, Sabrina likes kisses on her on terms and Toby likes to be pick-up and likes hugs but he doesn't wants to stay on anyone lap for very long. It is really hard to find a lap-kitty. I know Main Coons are soo gentle and very cuddly breeds. I volunteer at the Toronto Humane Society and I have seen lap-cats and they weren't all special breeds. It all depends are they were raise, usually stray cats don't like to be pick-up and set on peoples lap. You have to keep searching for your special kitty!! I would like to get another kitty that would like to sit on my lap.
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I agree with Sandie and Frannie - Abyssinians are in your face cats, but not if you ignore them and fail to socialize them when they are young. Always insist on going to the breeders house and meet the family and see if the cats are caged before choosing a kitten. Cornish Rex, Turkish Angoras, Maine Coons, Abys and Somalis (long haired Abys), Siamese, Oriental Shorthair, Tonkinese, Rag Dolls and I add a new breed to the list - Egyptian Maus are very people oriented. And genetically it seems that every domestic Male Red Tabby is just a complete mush cat!
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Exotic Shorthairs are definitly the most affectionate breed with Persian Longhairs a close runner up!

Anyone elses opinion?
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I can just comment on my male Bengal kitten. He runs up to everyone, always is in your face or on the lap. He has no fear, he will go after the broom or vaccum, and the only time he is quiet is when he is asleep(lol). I have never had a cat that talks this much.
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