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Talk about demanding !

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Ivory is a very independent girl, but when she wants attention, she wants attention!
I just spent 45 minutes cuddling and scratching and holding her, I had to put her down because her fluff gets to my allergies.
Apparently she wasn't done

She is now nibbling (not entirely gently) at my ankle and calf
I look down only to see my cute perma-wink girl looking up for more scratches.
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I have one of those,but she nibbles on my toes. You know you love it tho. I do!!
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Awww, you gotta give 'em love when they demand it!
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My Gaia is like that when she wants attention, she wants it NOW!!! or she will stand on you until you expire from lack of oxygen
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What I can't understand is, with a face like that one, HOW CAN YOU RESIST???
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Are you seeing the right face?
This 'little girl' is a 17 pound monster and she knows it
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But she's soooooooooo cute! And my boys agree!
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Maybe I can get her to sit still for some pics just for them this week
She's still a monster, waking me up at all hours for attention, and she gets it too, because she is cute
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Aaaaah, good ol' nibbly kitties
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How cute, I love when they 'have to be with you' (read: have their every whim catered to/for )
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YEP, Tuxedo girl in the left/middle of your siggy. She reminds me a lot of my beloved angel Simba, who went over the Bridge several years back and who was the queen of my heart and home -- she was Siamese as well as whatever else, and had all the traits to prove it!
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