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Cats and humidifiers???

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We got out the humidifier, last night and set it up, on Bill's nightstand. As soon as we turned it on, Opie went over and moved his face, through the mist. He got a blissed-out look on his face and hunkered down on Bill's pillow. After a few minutes of this, he got on the nightstand and snuggled down, next to the humidifier. He stayed there, for about an hour.

Is there something about humidifiers, that attracts cats? He never did this, before and Rowdy doesn't seem to be interested in it.
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Is it a cool mist or warm mist? Maybe he was feeling dry from the heater and the mist relieved his dryness? I know I get dry eyes from the heater and a humidifier would help a lot!
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Cats do the darndest things, just when you think you've got them figured out, they do something like that do baffle you! haha.
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When we turned ours on this year Nakita thought it was a deadly hissing animal. I think she watched it for over 2 hours to make sure it didn't move and attack anyone.

Now she ignores it because she has judged it to be a low danger on the animal danger scale. Nakita has now classified the breadmaker to be a high danger.

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Nakita is a good guard cat isnt she? LOL toooooo cute!
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Yeah, guarding anything inanimate she's great.

Like Debby mentioned before, if a mouse ever gets in here I bet Nakita will jump up on the table!

Great guard kitty!

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I have two cool-air humidifiers running for Spike. The weird thing is that when I refill the tanks at night, he tends to stand over the area where the air blows out for about 15 seconds. It's so cute, but it's so weird! The air coming out doesn't feel wet or anything, just cool... I guess he just likes it.
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