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pet strollers

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Have y'all seen those pet strollers in stores? I think it would be so fun and cute to put Snickers in the stroller and take her for a walk. My boyfriend thinks it's crazy (though admits that it would be very cute). Would y'all look at someone strangely if you saw them walking down the street with their cat in a stroller?
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I for one would not look at you like you were strange, I would probably take up all your walking time oooooing and aaaaahhhhing the 'babies'. I want one of those strollers, been eyeing them for some time now, but they are pricey! I have always wondered myself what would people think if they saw someone walking down the street and they wanted to take a peek at 'the baby' and instead they see whiskers, teeth and claws!
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I converted a baby buggy to a pet stroller and took the boys for rides. They loved it and everybody who saw it loved it, too. I got more smiles and waves than I've ever got before. Plus people like to stop and talk and look at the kitties. Nobody thinks you're crazy. They all think it's pretty cool. Trust me, you'll have the time of your life.

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There's a few people that use them at shows, instead of carriers (and of course no one gives them strange looks as we are all cat people)

I wouldn't use one though, when I take Demetri out on his harness he likes to walk around don't think he'd enjoy being couped up in a stroller.
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I like the stroller in the pic above, GREAT IDEA. Where did you get the netting? I'm going to keep my eye open for a used stroller so I can take my cats for a walk. I had a used stroller and should have kept it! It's the netting I think that will give me problems.
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I've seen them, but don't think I'd buy one. My cats are totally indoors unless going to a show or vet - then in their carriers.

Its cute, and I would not think you strange, but can see why your bf might not want to be caught doing it
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Originally Posted by ddcats View Post
Where did you get the netting? .
I got the netting from Gourock, and I found the buggy at a thrift store. I've got the whole project from beginning to end in picutures, but unfortunately, it's posted on another forum.
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I have thought about buying one of these but... my 1 year old kitty has a nice healthy fear of the outdoors now (I no longer have to worry about him darting out an open door). I would really hate to spoil that by taking him outside even if it is in a stroller.

Last night we had a bad thunderstorm and he was sprawled out on the floor by the window snoozing away. I thought to myself how lucky he is to live in a big warm dry house instead of having to fend for himself outside.
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