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little meow? BIG MEOW?

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Do your cats have a little meow or a big meow. Popsie has a big meow. Especially if he wants something. It also has a raspy quality to it. His meow can be very annoying if I'm trying to sleep.
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Ike usually has a small meow...but she's a small kitty. That is, unless she is on a car ride...she hates that! And she'll let me know with a VERY loud "Meeooooaaaah"
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Spud, my ol' tuxedo boy is very loud. He talks a lot, we have long conversations! Siam is a Siamese mix and he has tiny chirps and squeaks, you have to listen hard to hear him! You would think it would be the other way around. I used to have a tortie point Siamese, Brandy, and oh my, she was a screamer!
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Mittens has a whiney meow, that's why I call her a 'baby'. She'll whine for her food, whine when I pet her, whine when I look at her the 'wrong' way. She has a pink dress that I keep in her cubbyhole, size 3mos.

Cassy hardly meow's, she will give a couple of short, sweet meow's before I give her food. Other than that, she NEVER meow's. I purposely make her meow because I think she needs to work on it. She also needs to work on her 'purr' - I heard her purr ONCE.
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Both my girls have little meows. Noodles makes a lot of silent meows or just barely squeeks. Unless it's the middle of the night and she wants attention or something. Then she gets really loud!
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Cindy mostly chirps and chatters at a moderate volume, though she does meow a question from time to time. However if I'm not paying attention or not getting the point, she turns it up to MEOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOW!

Fawn has a tiny little breathy 'ih most of the time -- except when the neighbour cat known as Mr Black comes calling, then she manages a squall of a quite remarkable volume.

Suzy has a kitten mew, except when she wants to be on the other side of a door and it's not happening quickly enough for her liking. She too can turn it up an impressive and imperative amount.
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Oh how can you SAY that!

Well, let's see: Nicolas T. Cat has an insistent, loud, rather haranguing, high-pitched miaow; Calo, a raspy panther-y voice; Samuda's loud, Siamesey-y yowls can probably be heard on Pluto! For the girls' side: Rani doesn't miaow, she "ik"'s! and it's rather a soft "ik" unless there's something she really wants, in which case she breaks into a loud yowl. Sishya snowshoe gives soft, dry mews until she sees or hears my ex. Then, all bets are off, and her insistent, in-heat-like yowls would shame the pop singers (all of whom sound exactly alike to me, so that's why I'm not picking one name). Sahra has soft mews in keeping with her tiny size. Tarifa's bell-like voice is music to my ears! and can be loud, but is usually soft and melodious. Maryam generally sounds as if she's affronted by something, and her voice isn't loud. Baby Suha also has soft, dry mews, but they're more like a small wild cat's than a domestic cat's.

Is that more than you wanted to know? Well, there it is!
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Sophie has a little "peep" that is why I call her Sophie Peeps! Mollie is also very quiet. Cosmo, however, howls quite loudly - "I'm hungry", "where is everyone?", "wake up!" and "isn't great to be a spoiled ragdoll baby!"
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Tiki has a small one. She hardly ever meows. Sometimes when I am giving them soft food, I will tease her until she meows. It is very cute. Lately at night though, she comes into the bedroom and meows quite loud. She gets Reggae's attention, he chases her out of the room, and then he lays back on me.

Reggae is a talker. I know he is just saying "moma". I can hear it. We have conversations in the kitchen. He has a pretty normal sounding meow.

Is there such thing as normal? Everyones seem to be different!
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Simon and Lyra are both big talkers, and both can be REALLY LOUD if they wanna be. I'm convinced Simon has some Siamese in him, because he just jabbers all the time. When he really wants food, it's this loud YOW-OWWW. Other times, it's any assortment of other noises. His meow is medium-to-high-pitched.
Lyra, however, sounds like a laser-gun when she's upset... beeooo! beeeooooo! she has the highest pitched mews I've EVER heard! I call her squeakers sometimes because if she just wants attention or something she squeaks. So cute, hehe!
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Trout has both depending on what she is trying to say Loud meows for playtime, and soft meows at cuddletime
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Horatio (orange & white short hair) - Quiet typical " *Mew* " & " *Meow* "
Yuki (siamese mix) - Loud " *rowwwwarrrrl* "
Max (tabby) - Quiet " *meh-meh* "

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Both of my cats have several different meows they use depending on what they want..

Sassy has this tiny little meow he uses when he wants my attention, and a really loud long meow which he uses when he is tearing around the house playing.

Linus is not to loud except when he is playing with Sassy then it's a contest to see who can make the most noise.
He also has a little chirpy sound he makes at night when he is wondering around the house after everyone else is in bed.
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Tosh has a loud, demanding meow
Oreo has a loud, demanding meow
Snickers has a cute kitten like meow that just melts my heart Can you tell she has me wrapped around her little claw? Well...ok...they ALL do
Oh and we are the proud owners of <trumpet sound> Jazz. We just got him from the SPCA yesterday. We are keeping him separate from the others still. And his meow is a very little meow but boy does he use it a lot
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
Do your cats have a little meow or a big meow. Popsie has a big meow. Especially if he wants something. It also has a raspy quality to it. His meow can be very annoying if I'm trying to sleep.
My biggie is little meowing haha
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Tiger sounds like a mountain lion in heat! He doesn't meow, he BELLOWS!
Tonka, has a teeny meow which is funny because he's a HUGE cat.
The cat brats are kinda inbetween a meow and a purr
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Sassy and Katie have lil feminine meows and Black has a very strong, loud meow!!
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Chuckie has a loud constant meow if he wants to go out. Otherwise he is a quiet boy and when i visit him in his enclosure he gives me friendly quiet meows, and when its time for cuddles or food he talks to me and goes bbbbrrrrrrrrr
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Stanley has a squeak, I'm not sure I've ever heard a proper "meow" from him. Squeaks can mean he's happy, sad or in a panic.

Bella has a whole vocab of trills, chirps and meows. She also has a specific whiney meow she uses when she knows the ear medicine is coming...

Overall they are both very quiet. We once had a siamese houseguest that was very loud, particularly once the lights went out.
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Riley has a tiny little baby meow and trills most of the time. If he gets shut out of a room, or if he's looking for his mousie he sounds like a tomcat yowling, lol.
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Toby has quite a variety of sounds that he makes....he`s our "talker"
Tedy has a very soft "meow" and almost never uses it....but he does "purt" often cause he`s such a happy-go-lucky-laid-back-cat.
Tawny does`nt meow much either....except when you pick him up ...then it`s a quick sort of growling "rurrrrrrrat" sound to let you know that he does`nt like it. (His "bark is worse than his bite" though....and the vet always gets a kick out of it. He says that Tawny is the most aggressive sounding cat he`s ever heard.....but never puts out a claw or tooth at ya! He just complains a lot if he`s being forced to be handled when it`s not his own idea....esp at the vets!)
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