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Mr. Blackwell

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Mr. Blackwell has released his "Worst-Dressed List", for 2002. Surprise! - Anna Nicole Smith is #1!

At last, that feeble-minded bimbo is #1, at something!:LOL:

She's in good company: Kelly Osbourne, Shakira, Christina Aguilera and Princess Anne made the list, too.

For people of taste and distinction: Halle Berry is #1, on the "Best-Dressed" list. She, always, looks like a class act.
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LOL Not surprised there!

I agree, Halle Berry is a class act, she has worked hard to get where she is and I believe she deserved that oscar!
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and her clothes are superb! they fit her like a glove! I wonder what she would look like with long hair...?
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Actually, Mr. Blackwell phoned me a couple of weeks ago suggesting I be placed on his list.

But I am not one to put myself in the spotlight to gloat. So I turned him down and told him Halle needs this more for her career, go with her.

:tounge2: :laughing2
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Ohhh what an honor. I would prolly be in the worst dressed list!
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I just heard the top 10 worst dressed on the radio. In addition to those mentioned above, Mr. Blackwell also included Donatella Versace, Anne Rice, and Cameron Diaz.

My question is, just what big functions did Anne Rice go to where she was supposed to be dressed nice? She's a big name, yes, but it's not like she has a real public persona.
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Anne Rice does a lot of book signings and TV appearances. She DOES need help!

Every time that I see her, she seems to be wearing that same gold lame coat.
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I just wish I had a body like Hollys!
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:LOL: If we had the money like THOSE listed had money, honey, you could have the body of any ONE of them!
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If Mr Blackwell saw me in my raggedy sweats, hay in my hair, fuzzy slippers and my socks with holes in them- I bet I would make his worst dressed list as well! But hey, at least I am comfortable!
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