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As some of you may remember for years I'd been getting cruciating abdominal pain, which I was kinda fobbed off with 'hormonal' problems even after being under the hospital gyno. When I asked for advice here most people said get back to my doctor and be firm, well I did and he again sent me back to the hospital gyno.

It has now been confirmed that I DO have endometriosis as I thought it was. I have to have injections in the stomach every month for three months, apparently this decreases one female hormone ( in full putting me in menopause state) and aswell as that a double dose ( in pill form) of the other female hormone to counter the menopause effects and the injection effects ( one being thinning of the bones )
After three months they will do a laparoscomy, if it is still as servere they are looking for a hysterectomy.

While I hope it doesn't come to that I have at least got an answer! Though I was in debate as I said if it does come to that I want ovaries out, the gyno didn't look happy, but when my mum had it done they left hers in and she died aged 46 from ovarian cancer, and although I do know it probably wont happen to me, I'd rather not take the risk thank you very much! And the gyno made me talk about her illness eeek! I can't do that face to face and I sobbed like a baby

So really ( apart from writing a small novel ) I wanted to thank you all for insisting I go back and demand answers, it was so nice to have some support from all of you, especially those that suffer it themselves. Also I want to thank those that made me make my hubby although he has a doctor/hospital phobia , go about a lump he found, it turned out it was nothing to much relief!
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terific news!

i think its threads like this with the little detals in peoples lives that makes tcs the great place it is. thanks 4 sharing!!!!

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It is always better knowing what is wrong, even if it is bad, it stops they what ifs

Many hugs and vibes that things turn out ok
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Thank you, the thought I could be pain free pyscially and mentally is worth the needles!
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Sorry to drag this up but

I had my zoladex injection yesterday, hello why did someone there forget to mention the needle is as thick as a dart!
Hop up there says the doctor I'm just going to give you a local first...I'm sat there thinking is this guy for real, he must be getting me mixed up with someone else I've come for zoladex not a local or any incision.

So I finally ask " why are you giving me a local?" He replies "Just to numb you" Well ta very much but I know what it's for but WHY!? Then he gets the zoladex out the box and I nearly had heart failure, I could see perfectly why the local was needed and I felt sick! Though I don't think he left it long enough because I still felt it and now have a nice hole ( ok ok it's not a hole but it's big enough for my liking) on my tummy and the ugliest bruising! My tum is sore and my back aches, I guess least I know what to expect next month

Apart from that the pills he gave me are livial, I was never at any time told these were some form of HRT, so I learnt that too and I think I'm on them to prevent osteoporosis which can be caused by zoladex, anyone had any of these and how did you fair on them?
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