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What breed is my cat?

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Can anyone help by telling me what type of breed you think my cat is (pictures below) As soon as the vet seen her, she thought she had some Burmese in her and she def does show some of the characteristics!

Can I have ur opinion plz...

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You kitty is beautiful. He/She looks like a DSH (Domestic Short Hair) to me, of no particular breed. What you would call a Moggie. I would say Her colouring is Tortie.
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Hope's right - on DSH and color

There are many breeds with similar build like your kitty. She is pretty
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i love the deep black coloring, with juuuuuuust a liiiiiitle bit of gold.... nice.
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Aw well I have to admit, I'm a little disapointed because all along ive been thinking there is some Burmese in her but anyway she is a gorgeous kitty! I love her! such a character!
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Burmese have a very short tight coat - almost painted on.
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Hello everyone
My kitty is a few weeks old and she is so much fun Have you seen the 'Mean Kitty song'? - that's my kitty

Can u experts help me identify the 'breed' of my kitty too.
Thanks a ton in advance... really appreciate your help

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Doesn't look like any breed to me but she's an excellent example of a black and white bi-color!
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Black and white domestic shorthair.
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Black/White Domestic Shorthair - color pattern is known as a "van" if that's the only body spot. Vans have color on the head and tail and 1-2 body spots.

"Mean Kitty" looks pretty Ocicat looking to me
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The "mean kitty" is an Egyptian Mau.
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No way Nial - its more Ocicat - EM's have no real pattern of spotting - the Oci's have the bullseye pattern - that's what I see on the sides. And the head is more Oci.

Ok I have to apoligize - the story says its an E Mau; however I stopped the filming in several parts - (1) the cat doesn't have green eyes which is a trademark of EM's (2) the EM is supposed to have a random spotted pattern on the coat with round spots. That cat has more of the bullseye pattern of an Ocicat. The eye shape and ear is EM, but I question if its really all EM. If so, its a pet quality.

I did compare it to the CFA Maus (bronze) and the head does look EM - body/pattern doesn't. So I don't know. I would have guessed Oci (pet) rather then EM.
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I was going by what the owner said he was. Definitely a pet quality cat as an E. Mau or Oci. There were even breeders on the bengal list that said that cat was bengal.

Whatever he is, he's a cute cat. Hopefully the guy can curb his biting habit.
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