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Kicking new kitten like prey?

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I've posted several questions here about Asher and the new kitten, Jack. I don't know much about cat intros as this is my first time. I know cats play with each other but can some one please tell me if this is play or more severe?

Asher and Jack will, what I consider, "play" with each other by biting and chasing each other "playfully." Asher is good for a while but he seems to get frustrated by Jack's constant attempts to "play" and he ends up laying on the floor holding Jack in front of him and kicking him with his back feet like he is trying to kill prey. Jack obviously doesn't like this and proceeds to cry out. Asher doesn't give up until I make him (with water or coins in a can). This behavior worries me. Is Asher trying to hurt the kitten or is this some kind of cat play? I swear, these cats are driving me crazy!
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I think of that as the kangaroo legs. Though it looks rough, it is common when cats are playing with each other.

It's also normal for an older cat to get irritated and frustrated when a kitten wants to play all the time... sometimes you'll see some swatting.

I'd say that if they were really fighting each other, you'd know it. There'd be cuts and injuries and howls.

It can't hurt to keep an eye on them. And it might help if the older cat was separated from the kitten now and then, so they each get to have their own space.
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If they are rabbit kicking separate them. This isn't play this is predatory behavior and needs to be stopped fairly quickly before the kitten really gets hurt.
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Why do you say so?

In play, cats practice all their hunting behaviors (stalking, pouncing, swatting, etc.). That's what play is about. It's the severity of the interaction that matters.

I've seen pairs of kittens do this, with no harm done, and in the context of normal play... they then move on to a different hold. And I've seen an adult/kitten pair do it also — ditto.
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