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To the Moms! Funny Video

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You gotta watch this video. It's hilarious!

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YEAH!!! I used to fall in the floor laughing at my late husband changing our daughters diapers!! And they claim we can't stand dirty work!! That's a hilarious video!

Edit- I voted other since it happened a long time aqo.
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LOL I have no kids yet, but that will be my SO!
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Oh my gosh ! That was just too funny!
My hubby would change an occassional diaper. He did`nt like it, but I don`t think his reaction was quite so bad as these guys...although he could`nt do it without that discusting "look" on his face....which always amazed me...cause he came from a farm family and could shovel SH*T by the wheel barrel full in the milking barn!
Another thing that always blew my mind was his reaction to a kids wiggly tooth! This 300* pound, burrly guy, who deer hunts and butchers his own meat will get woozy the second a kid tries to "show him" their wiggy tooth!
(Of course my reaction to him does`nt exactly please him either....he motions that he`s feeling faint ..and I laugh til I cry and almost wet my pants!)
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when my first daughter was born i got a part time job on the weekend. my DH had to look after his daughter lol, i found out she had a dirty nappy and to clean it he put her bum under the shower to clean her off EWWWW.
my dad cant go near a dirty nappy he heaves.
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That video is toooo funny!

I think DH will be fine changing diapers once he gets some practice under his belt. Althought I wouldn't be suprised if he does wear some latex gloves at first! What did that diaper commercial used to say? Something like 'Live and learn, and then get Loves' or was it hugs? Something like that. (I don't know diaper brands yet!)
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