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Frisco's Tent

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I bought Frisco a little cat tent (and a new mouse toy!) at the dollar store today and he just LOVES it! I soon as I took it out of the package he ran into it. He slept in it for about an hour and he was having great fun playing in it all night. It's very entertaining to watch him run and dive into the tent and go sliding accross the floor. (I have videos coming too!)

Here are the pictures:

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Cute! My cats have a tent like that, they love it.
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Aw! It`s so nice when they apreciate the toys/gifts we give then instead of looking at them in disgust, isn`t it!
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Originally Posted by littleraven7726 View Post
Cute! My cats have a tent like that, they love it.
i have one, too - Java likes it, & so does Firefox. the others couldn't care less, tho!
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Awww!!! Ike would absolutely that!!!
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That's so cute! I want one!
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I have two of those and mine absolutely love it!!
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Awww Frisco...that handsome little man...Nice tent
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I've never seen one of those tents.. I bet my cats would like it.. Frisco looks content!!
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Oooooh! Frisco's going camping! He looks just like a little lion in there.
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Thanks for the comments everyone. He is so rough with it when he isn't sleeping, he lies on top of it and tackles it... he already put a hole through it.
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