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Rotating Canned Food for Kitten

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I know it's okay to rotate canned foods with adult cats but...

Is it okay to rotate canned food brands/flavors for a young kitten (approximately 6 weeks)? Or should he stay on one type until he's a little older? I don't want him to become picky at such a young age...

History: I found him last week in my friend's neighborhood while we were TNR'ing the feral cats there. Vet said he could start eating canned food. I have been feeding him Merrick Southern Delight mixed with water and he loves it. I also bought Wellness kitten but I don't want to upset his tummy by switching it up on him. I am also worried about the catfish and crawfish in this particular Merrick flavor. He's currently being treated with Metranidazole for diarrhea with no known cause. He's been dewormed and fecal came back negative for worms, coccidia and giardia. I'm guessing it's the change in diet from momma's milk to canned food that is causing this...any suggestions?

Thanks for the help!!!
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I would say try a brand for about 2 weeks then introduce one at a time for 2 week intervals /// kittens have delicate tummys

are you giving KMR stage 2>>>??
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No, I'm not giving any KMR. Should I? For how long? Do you think that'll help with the diarrhea??

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It could help, or at least help keep him hydrated.
At that age I've always mixed a little KMR powder+water and canned food together to make a gruel. I've also let them eat the KMR for as long as they want it, but cut it down to one or two meals with it a day around 10 weeks.
It helps put weight on -though most kittens I've had to feed were found, like your's, at young ages and usually looked scrawny. They needed the weight and vitamins to help catch up.

If the diarrhea persists you may want to consider getting a bottle of clear unflavored pedialyte to mix in the gruel mix instead water.
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So should I add it to his food now or now that he's on canned/water it's too late?? I don't want to continue to throw his tummy through a loop.

Thanks. Thanks.
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You can mix it with canned , dry or give as a treat
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